Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Life moves so fast, and changes so quickly!

Asalamu alaikum,

I know I am far from a regular blogger, I have small flurries of activity followed by long stretches of disappearing. I think I have made peace with the idea that I am not ever going to be a regular blogger. I guess we will see how long I can keep it up this time!

After our move back to the states we have settled in my hometown, the boys have grown and we added a girl to the family. We(I mostly) decided to cloth diaper our new addition, and we started from 1 week old, and are going strong at the six(ish) month mark. I love the fact that if we have more kids, inshAllah, then I will be able to save these and use them again later! Reading and learning about cloth diapers has also led me to learning about diaper need, and an interest in advocacy. So that is something I am seriously considering.

The cloth diapering has led me to more and more was to reduce our dependency on plastic, and I have started making small changes in our life that will help get rid of more and more plastics. The more I read and learn about plastic and other waste in our lives, the more I become interested in a more sustainable and low waste lifestyle. I am very sure we will never be zero waste or even really close to it, but the more we switch to low waste/reusable items the better!

I am also taking part in this years flats and had washing challenge, so another post on that shortly!

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