Friday, May 18, 2018

Flats and handwashing challenge Day 3(late!): What is your favorite Flat fold?

Asalamu alaikum

Todays prompt is your favorite flat fold. I prefer the origami fold. It is neat and trim, fits well around the leg and just looks very neat when OTB.

Here is a nice simple video of the fold-

I also like that this can be adjusted for use overnight or for heavier wetters by adding a booster while folding over the rectangle in the final step. You could add the booster on top, but I feel it looks neater if it is folded up inside.

For my second favorite fold, I think it would have to be the neat fold. It is also pretty trim, and as the name suggests it is very "neat." I love folds that look nice and even, that look good even before the cut cover goes on!

A good video of the fold-

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