Sunday, May 20, 2018

Flats and handwashing challenge day 6: What's working and what's not!

Asalamu alaikum,

So what's working for us is the t-shirt flats. I looooooove them. Definitely my go to flat for covers after this! They just fit so well, and being so cheap(FREE!!), I am all for that! I love the way they fit, the way they look so neat on the baby, did I mention cheap(can't help saying  it again, mama loves to save a dollar or two any way she can ;-)?!

What's not working is the flannel flats I made up from my sewing stash. they are too thick, don't fit very well, and are harder and heavier to wash by hand then anything else. they dry even stiffer than the cheapest of Walmart flour sack towels, take longer to dry, and take more work to get them soft by rubbing them together. It may be different if I had just used receiving blankets, as they are thinner than the flannel I use for sewing. So for us flannel is a no go. I may try again if I ever get a receiving blanket I don't like the print of. This is why I didn't use any I had- too cute and I worried about staining, as she is EBF and that can stain pretty good!

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