Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Flats and Hand washing challenge Day 2: What is in your stash/materials used, and how much did it cost?

Asalamu Alaikum,

So here is a list of what we are using, and prices. I am attempting to use a variety of materials to see both what is best and how little I can get away with spending if I had too.

12 flour sack towels ($9.46)
2 flannel flats made from stuff in my sewing stash ($6.00)
6 tshirt flats cut from old shirts (FREE)
8 PUL covers($70.00)
16 hand made wipes from old receiving blanket (FREE)
2 snappis($4.00)
13 Fleece liners(for the stay dry layer) from fabric remnants($2.00)
cheap wetbag from wish ($2.00)
2 buckets and one lid from home depot($8.18)
1 wal mart plunger ($3.00)

So all in the grand total was $104.64! This is enough to wash every other day if I had to(though I am trying to do it daily so it is easier to keep up), and could last until potty training(2.5-3 years).

The largest expense was the covers, most of which I got new at retail, though some I did score ultra cheap off of the cloth diaper $1 auction page, or facebook BST pages. I could have easily cut cost even more by changing out the brand of covers or picking up more from the auctions rather than at retail. There are companies out there selling covers brand new for 4-5 dollars, so eight covers at that price would cut the cost of the covers in about half, bringing the total under a hundred dollars. So thinking about the cost of disposables, which can run about a thousand a year depending on brand and how often your kid needs to be changed(total 2500-3000 for the 2.5-3 years until potty training), vs less than a hundred bucks to last the same time frame. That is a pretty big difference!

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