Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Feature: Baby Names

Asalamu alaikum,

When our first son was born, the name discussion was rather short. We agreed that my father in law would be choosing his first name, but I wanted to be able to select a middle name from my side of the family. Tariq's father selected "Saad", which was the name of his father's elder brother(Tariq's great uncle). I wanted to select a middle name that was important to me, and that showed a connection to and respect for my side of the family. There are certain requirements for Muslims' names(it can't be the name of a pagan deity or denote worship of one, it should not have a bad/negative meaning, etc.). Going through family names I selected one that belonged to my maternal grandfather, one of my father's brothers, his grandfather, and brother in law.

When our second son was born, the discussion was a bit longer as Tariq's father had run out of male relatives' names(mashAllah lots of grand kids!). Tariq and I had a list of possibles for the first name and I was still going to go with a middle name from my family so I had my own list. In the end Tariq's elder brother suggested "Saif" and his father liked it, so the first name was settled. I got four or five names from my side-my father/grandfather's name(dad is a Jr.), my brothers' names(one first and one middle), and my other paternal uncle's name. I decided on my father's name, and that was that!

Occasionally I get odd looks or comments about the kids "mixed" names, but I try not to let it get to me. InshAllah I am planning to raise them to be proud of both sides of their family, where they come from, and to understand why I would give them names that are not traditionally Muslim.


luckyfatima said...

Mashallah both great names!

I wouldn't have been comfortable handing the reigns over to my FIL for naming my children. Did you have veto power and he was just making suggestions? How did that work?

That's really cool that your kids both have names that are 'in the family' on both sides, though.

Aishah said...

I had veto if it was a name that would have been difficult to pronounce for me or my folks(like a name that started with ghain or something), or if it would have been easily made fun off in an American setting(little kids can be cruel with names).

Thinking said...

hmm...good to know that you are back and Mashallah I like your sons names....both beautiful and strong.
We (including me) are six children and I used to be a little angry with my parents about why they choose my name which is very old...although now I like my name very much but as a child I could not even pronounce it Father told me that he used to choose the names from Quran Shareef...our holy book...but name selection is really a very big decision and kind a ceremony in Muslim of Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum Sister,

Nice name keeping method. I like, I like! Hmmm give it some more years and then since both are names beginning from S, Saad and Saif, you will start having those tongue twisters like my mom had ha ha ha. That made us laugh when we were kids as she would call one name but she wanted to call the other one. But these small things make great memories!

Allah haafiz, Fatima

Sumera said...

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