Monday, December 10, 2012

Donuts and Other Recipies

Asalamu Alaikum,

Saturday morning I woke up early, and had a craving for donuts. I have been thinking about them for a while but suddenly just had to have one.

So off to to net to look up recipes. I ended up with 30 donuts, 30 donut holes and five sticks from the last bits of dough. It didn't take too long to make, maybe less than half an hour. They were a hit! Tariq, Saad and the two SILs loved them. The SILs raved about them to the other SILs who asked us to save some. :-)

Unfortunately all the donuts got eaten by tea time, so I figured that I can just make fresh ones then next time anybody comes visiting. Then Sunday night SIL2, her DH, and baby came to visit, so I made fresh donuts! I made a bunch extra because SIL2 was going to visit SIL1 and her family after she left so we packed some up to send over. So now the recipe has been requested and I will be showing them how I made the donuts.

I love how we all learn so much from each other. Each SIL/Bhabi has their own dishes that are their specialty and so we teach each other those. Then each SIL has her husbands family's recipes that she learned and can now teach the rest of us. We also all love to try new dishes, and anytime it works out well, we share those new recipes.

So this is a new dish to add to the family line up, in case anybody wants to try it out I used the recipe from here-"Super Easy Doughnuts" , and they definitely are super easy!


Karima said...

Mmmm I looove donuts! I am your newest follower - I love crafts and sewing too!

Shell said...

Assalamu Aleikom!

I am so glad to have come across your blog and only wish I had a month ago--I went to Karachi for the first time and could have used some of the information in your blog.

I also love looking at all your craft projects. My daughter knits(I am dumb when it comes to those things) and I will show her your projects.

May Allah bless you and keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Laila Alawa said...

I love donuts so much, especially the original sugary sort that you just posted! thank you for sharing! :D hehe now I'm hungry!
I'm a new follower, and I'd so appreciate your stopping on by and checking out my blog and maybe following back! much love!


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Donuts are my fav ;)

pinky said...

Yumm!!! cant wait to try them =D

Unknown said...

Hello, I enjoy your blog and found the post about time and bargaining to be quite interesting.

I'm the typical white, melting pot American and am so lucky to be going to England to visit a Pakistani friend and meet her very large family, attend her nieces wedding, in late August 2013.

I was wondering if you would give me ideas of what kind of gift I could give my hostess and her family?

Cindy D

Aishah said...

Hi Cindy D-

Sounds like a fun trip! I would probably go with something edible, fancy chocolate or other types of candy, just careful to make sure they don't contain gelatin or other animal products, in case they strictly eat halal. Maybe something a coffee table book of photos of famous American places? I know that my relatives here would love stuff like American makeup brands and stuff but that's because it is hard to get here, so that wouldn't really apply in the UK.

fardawsa said...


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Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis, that's awesome how ya'll share recipes and seem to get along so well. What a blessing mA!

Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis, that's awesome; seems ya'll are very close mA. :)