Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Feature-First School Days!

Asalamu alaikum,

Saad started school this week! I am so excited! We went on Monday to take his admission, the school is very close and one of my sister in law's friends is a teacher there. His first day was Tuesday, we went to drop him off and he started crying. The teacher had to carry him in. She said she would call if the crying got too bad. We stood outside for about ten minutes listening to him, then we went back to the house.

He has started a bit later than most of his cousins, who all started in nursery classes or Montessori at about three. They just put him in KG-1, because when the teacher came to try to see what he already knew, he refused to speak to her(he is generally very very shy).  Now though, he is always saying "my teacher said this" and " I helped my teacher with that", so he seems to be getting over the shyness a bit.

 Saad's first school work!

When we went to pick him up he was so excited! He talked nonstop all the way home and for the rest of the day. He was so excited, telling us everything he did. The next day(Wednesday) Tariq dropped him off and he cried a bit less. Thursday he cried a bit less than he did on Wednesday. MashAllah, today he didn't cry at all! He came home and immediately had to tell me how he didn't cry, and of course I made the biggest deal out of it.
  He got a star on his first day's math work!

We have been practicing ABC's, 123's and we had just started teaching him Urdu letters recently at home, so he is doing pretty well in his class work. He has four subjects-English, Math, Urdu, and Islamic studies. They keep the Islamic studies pretty simple, they have a little book of question and answer that they read with the kids. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Baby Knits and Sewing

Asalamu alaikum,

Just another couple knitting and sewing FO's from a little while ago that I wanted to post before I forget!

My brother in law and his wife recently had their third child, mashAllah this makes three beautiful little boys!

First up is this little set-
Pattern:None, just made it up.
Needles:US 5
Yarn: Acrylic

Pattern:Little Coffee Bean Cardigan

Needles:US 5

Yarn: Acrylic
Pattern:Bosnian Booties

Needles:US 4
Yarn: Acrylic
This one has been in my Ravelry queue for the longest time.
Needles:US 3

I did add some YO's and a drawstring to the socks to keep them on better.

These two sets were completed before Tariq went to the UAE for a business trip in March, just before the new little guy was born.

The next three sewing FO's were completed a bit more than a week ago, as my father in law was going to UAE to see the baby.
 Light Blue kameez with simple star shaped machine embroidery around the neck.
Tan kameez with vine shaped machine embroidery around the neck.
White kameez and shalwar with a sort of diamond shaped embroidery at the neck.

MashAllah little nephew has already worn the white suit and the blue kameez, one on each of the past two Fridays, and he is just so adorable!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Feature-Just a little reminder

Asalamu alaikum,

My sister in law (who is the next youngest after my husband), and I often butt heads. We argue more than I like to admit to, astaghfirAllah. I think it is because we both have very stubborn personalities. Generally she is a good girl, and very helpful.

So a couple weeks ago we were again not speaking(that's how our fights go down, not too much shouting, weeks of no speaking). During our little arguments, we both get a bit childish, astaghfirAllah. She stops doing all dishes, and I sit and fume and say "well if she isn't doing them, I definitely not going to." So the dishes sit for three or four days and become a small mountain.

The last time this happened was on a Friday and I had just finished listening to a khutbah on Allah's(SWT) mercy. It made me think, why am I doing this? Who am I doing the dishes for anyway? Not for a person, but because they need to be done. In Islam any act can be an act of devotion, everything we do can be for Allah(SWT). All it needs is pure intention.

So I went into the kitchen, and with a real heartfelt "Bismillah" I was off. Alhamdulillah I finished a huge mountain of dishes in what seemed like no time at all. Every time I got distracted or felt angry that I have to do all the dishes I renewed my niyat. Alhamdulillah, it was such a nice feeling that after my speed dish washing, I didn't stop. I went on to scrubbed the tiles on the kitchen wall, the counters and the stove top, which was in absolutely dire need of a scrubbing.

Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves what we are doing, and who we are really doing it for.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How We Roll

Asalamu alaikum,

One of the most common forms of transport here in Karachi-

We are just three, but I have seen larger families than ours all on one bike. One time I saw seven people! Mother, Father and five kids! Two kids in front of the father, then one behind him, then the mother and she was holding two kids on her lap.

Everyone knows it can be dangerous, but for many people there is just no option. Cars are very expensive, and petrol also.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Knitted Sari Doll

Asalamu Alaikum,

A recent knitting FO I want to share-

Pattern: Storage Doll: The Asian Lady
Needles:US 5

My mum bought this pattern for me through Ravelry, and I just love it!  It was a bit confusing at first(specifically starting the sari and the short rows), but well worth it. It didn't really take too long, but after getting stuck on the sari I left it for a week and then came back to it. After a week of sitting it finished up very fast, and then she was done. The only mods were that I made the sari skirt longer than in the pattern as it looked too short(maybe different bottle size?). She was looking a bit plain so I used some gold embroidery thread to make her two churiyan for each arm.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Feature-More Churiyan(bangles)

Asalamu alaikum,

I have posted before about bangles,here,, but I wanted to post something more(and some prettier bangle pics!)
Ghar ki churiyan(House bangles), in four colors. Clear, green, purple, red.

Ghar ki churiyan are what I wear on a daily basis. I usually keep my two gold bangles on my left(smaller hand, harder to get on and off the right hand) and a dozen glass on the right hand. They are a bit stronger than the plain bangles, and have designs cut into them and a gold-ish shine to them.

Ghar ki churiyan in multi colored glass.
Plated gold set for when I really want to bling it up. Much bigger and heavier than my actual gold, but the clinking sound is not as pretty.

Churiyan storage rack.

I have a simple wood storage rack for some of my most used bangles. The rest I keep in boxes. There are some really pretty glass cases, but I figure this one will be easier to take apart for when we go back to the states. We also have built in closets in the bedrooms that have one section that is for churiyan and has built in poles for hanging. My SIL's have like six poles(about 3 feet wide), completely filled.

Several of my favorite sets-