Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Little kid sayings

Asalamu alaikum,

MashAllah Saad sometimes comes up with the most wonderful thoughts. I want to share a couple of his most recent ones, they really make me happy.

The other day we were on the roof in the late afternoon, the sun was going down and the moon was already visible. Saad came up to me and said "Mama, sun goes like this,"(while pointing from where the sunrises and arcing over to where it sets). Then he did the same for the moon. After telling me both these things he said "Allah makes the sun and moon go this way." Not something that we have actively taught him, but something he has put together from what he sees. We teach him that Allah(swt) takes care of us, if we have any problems he should pray to Allah(swt).

On a different day, my father in law was working in his little garden space, and trimming some dead flowers. He had cut off a stem of a snap dragon that had a single wilting flower and a couple leaves, and put it in a pile of other cuttings. Saad picked it up, brought it in the house and stuck it in one of the empty flower pots of dirt, waiting for seeds. Then he came over to me and showed me the flower and told me-"Mama, I put it inside the dirt, and Allah will make it better."

His latest little saying was cute, and made me cry a bit. One of my sisters in law recently had a baby girl, and they all came to stay with us for a week or so(SIL, husband and baby), then a month later my brother in law and his wife had a baby boy. Saad played with SIL's baby and we have been using Skype to see and talk to BIL's baby. He loves them so much. We were walking upstairs to our room one night, and Saad asks me "Mama, I pray to Allah, and he will give me a baby like that?"


Garpu said...

He's going to be a good dad or uncle someday. :)

Farhan Jalil said...

If saad's thinking process remains like this then he is surely destined for great things.....Ameen