Monday, April 30, 2012

Almost Falsa Season

Asalamu alaikum,

One thing I really love is trying new fruits, stuff that is either not available back home or very difficult to find(also sometimes not the freshest by the time it gets there!). One of my favorites is falsa berries-

They are about the size of blue berries, but more of a plum color and very very sour. The falsa wale come down the street shouting "kaley kaley falsey, tundey meetey falsey"(basically-black black falsa, sour sweet falsey). It comes with a little paper packet of masala(spices, including chili powder and black salt), at first I didn't like the masala. The combination of flavors confused my tongue, sweet/sour/salt/hot, all at the same time!?! I love it now though.

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xaspireonfirex said...

They sound delicious, esp. with the masala!