Monday, March 19, 2012

SimpleTrousers with elastic waist -part 1

Asalamu Alaikum,

Trousers with long kameez seem to be still in fashion right now(though this tutorial has been in my drafts folder for months!)

Step 1-
Fold the cloth in half lengthwise, then width-wise, and arrange it so that the selvedges are towards you and the cut side of the fabric is to your left hand side.

Step 2- On the fold side measure from the cut side towards the fold side(on your right), your desired length(from your waist to just below you ankle) plus 4 inches. Do the same on the selvedge side, and then mark from the selvedge to the fold side.

Step 3-Cut off the excess fabric.
Step 4-On the cut side(to your left, where the waist will be), measure from the fold out 1/4 of your desired waist measurement plus 1 inch seam measurement(find your widest part, like the hips, measure around and add at least 6 inches for ease). So for example, if the hip measurement is 34, plus 6 inches ease, and 1 inch seam, then the measurement from the fold side will be 11 inches.
Step 5-From the mark measure down 15 inches and draw a line. This is average, you may have to make it a bit longer. Measure the crotch seam on a pair of pants that already fit to see if this is a good measurement for you. Remember that these are made to be very loose, so don't use a pair of very tight fitting pants for you measurements.

Step 6-Perpendicular to the line, measure out from the fold side 17 inches. This is also average, you can measure the widest point of a leg of your pants to check if this is the right measurement for you.

Step 7-Make a curved line from the horizontal line to the vertical line. The left hand side should be straight, and the curve start at about the half-way point, and finish at the 17 inch mark that you made on the vertical line.

Step 8-On the bottom where the cuff will be measure out from the fold 10 inches and mark. If you like a wider trouser leg, add a couple inches, and if you like a tighter leg subtract a couple inches.

Step 9-Draw a line from the corner of the crotch seam to the bottom of the leg.

Step 10- Cut all excess fabric. Now you have your two leg pieces.
Step11-On the bottom of each leg, fold the cloth over towards the wrong side half an inch, pressing to keep it neat and straight.
Step 12-Fold the cloth over again towards the wrong side 1 inch to form the cuff, again pressing, and sew on the edge of the fold.
Step 13-Place both the leg pieces wrong sides facing,and one inch away from the edge, sew along the crotch seams(left and right side) from top to the end of the curve.
Step14-Take a piece of elastic that is smaller than your waist, but when stretched is still comfortable, not to lose or tight. Put a mark at the one quarter, half and three quarter points.


Anonymous said...

where can i find the second part please?

Unknown said...

Assalam o Alaikum
Thank You a million times for posting this wonderful tutorial. It is really very helpful. Though its incomplete, but still I managed to sew a complete trouser. Thank you once again. I shall be looking forward to more tutorials. May Allah bless you.