Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Feature-Why the new suit?

Asalamu alaikum,

Most of my sewing is random. I just feel inspired to sew something, sometimes with a plan for the finished garment, (sometimes not) and I just sew. I don't have any sort of schedule for it. Sometimes I finish a whole bunch of projects at once, other times I can go weeks without a single stitch.

A lot of my different hobbies are like that(I think it might be ADD, common in my immediate family). I get an urge to start something, and must start RIGHT NOW. Very often getting bored with it rather quickly and starting something new, while the first thing lies around half finished.

The only time I always sew a new suit is when Tariq is in the UAE on business. He goes at least once every six months(to make sure his visa doesn't expire) and sometimes more often if he is needed for something at the family business.

I don't start until he leaves, and try to finish up in two to three days, as we never know exactly how long his business will take. Sometimes the suit is very simple cotton, sometimes fancier fabrics and matching lace/ribbon. If a Friday comes while he is away I might wear the new suit for an hour or so(around the time of the zuhr prayer, while the Jumah khutbah is going on). If there is no Friday then I wear it only just before he arrives, so that it is still nice and unwrinkled when he gets here.

I do this every time he goes, whether we are getting along or having a bit of a fight. Tariq is currently in the UAE, and has been gone about a week. My suit is already finished, and hanging up waiting.

I went a bit fancy this time. I was inspired by a ready made shalwar(pants) that one of my sisters in law had bought. It was white, with a white lace trim at the ankles and white rhinestones sewn at intervals along the lace. I had a blue and white floral print fabric, just enough for a shirt, and I bought a piece of white fabric for the shalwar, along with white lace trim and light blue rhinestones. I sewed all the rhinestones along the lace, then finished up the shalwar with lace at the ankles, and lace along the hem of the shirt and the sleeves. I made a mandarin collar, which was pretty difficult to get right(I need a bit more practice before that gets on the tutorial list!). I sewed that thing and took it out at least four times and it is still a bit wonky! I plan on just wearing a plain white duppatta, and then getting a new one dyed to match when I can get to the market, I did save some lace for that too.

I started this tradition completely by accident, the first time he went for business during our second stay here in late 2009. It has kept up because he notices and compliments every suit I make while he is gone. It is nice that he notices, and makes me very happy. I wonder what will happen when we get back to the US, as he will probably not be traveling as often.

InshAllah, I might try to get some pics up when I wear the suit.


Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis. I love to see your creations. Please share!

Um Zakarya said...

Assalamu ALeykum sister,

I'd love to see it too ! :)

Karen O'Grady said...

My dear daughter...when he leaves to find a job (if he goes to another state) you will be staying with me until he gets a job and apartment for you will have to make an outfit that's one...
I'm sure you will find a reason...
We can't stop creating...can we?!!! Love you! {{{{{hugs}}}}}