Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Feature-Sewing, sewing, sewing!

Asalamu alaikum,

I got to take some pictures of the new suit I was talking about last week, so here they are along with a couple other projects that I just finished.

The kameez, the blue is not exactly right in the picture, and you can kind of see the all over floral print.

Here is the bottom of the shalwar, with lace and rhinestones. The same lace is on the sleeves and the hem of the shirt.

In a flurry of sewing activity, I finished up five little projects in two days! So we have some pics.

First up is a little tank top and capri set for my almost five year old niece. It is cotton with machine embroidered flowers and sequins.
A little sleeveless dress, with gathers under the bust, and frill at the bottom.
A kameez, also cotton with embroidery/sequins, golden buttons and ribbon button loops.
Another kameez, also cotton, and I crocheted a picot type border around the neck,with button loops of simple chains, and around the sleeve cuffs.

The last project was a simple nighty, but I didn't get any pics of that. I love the fabric though, red with black floral print, and kind of shiny/silky.

As I was saying last week, sometimes I make a whole bunch of projects at once. It can border on obsessive, I will get an idea and have the irresistible urge to start right away. Often I can't think of anything except the idea, and it will bug me and bother me until I start, and continue to bother me until it is done. Occasionally the urge to start and finish some idea I can visualize is so strong that I will have to stay up late in the night to finish. I try to sleep and all I can think of is the project. Alhamdulilah that doesn't happen all the time(I already don't get enough sleep!), so I am not too upset when it does.

I love the feeling of finishing what has been gnawing on my brain. It is like a huge weight off, like the clothes for my niece. I had this cloth sitting around in the stash for the longest time, bugging me, calling out to me to make it into something and clean up the sewing room(our second floor kitchen is not used as one but serves very nicely as a sewing room!). I finally stood there and cut those four projects and sewed them all in the space of two days. At the end I was so happy, and my physical feeling was lighter too. Not only did I make something from stash, but I know my niece will go nuts when we give it to her. She loves when we(I or one of my other sisters in law) sews her something, and goes crazy with the kisses and thank you's.


Unknown said...

mashallah I've been looking through your tutorials and I'm looking forward to making some shalwar suits for my young girls... perfect for an Algerian summer...

Anonymous said...

Could you please add a tutorial for muqaish?
Thats what we call it in Pakistan.I don't know the English name.

Aishah said...


Kate, if you do end up making something I would love to see the results!

Sara, I don't know muqaish, but if I do learn it I would probably try to make a tutorial.