Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Feature: Random lists are random

 Asalamu alaikum,

Ways I know it is summer in Karachi-

  1. My bedroom goes from comfortably cool to oven hot in the space of two days.
  2. Load shedding increases and the timing becomes erratic.
  3. I remember that it is indeed possible to sweat while taking a shower.
  4. I have lost all energy to do anything in the afternoons more strenuous than sit on a charpie with a glass of rooh afza and a good book.
  5. I go to turn on the AC and find that sparrows are nesting in it.
  6. It is no longer possible to sit on the roof from 11am to 3pm without risking sunstroke.
Cricket list-
  1. I can tell if Pakistan scores a four or six, because the entire street will either cheer or there will be a round of gunfire.
  2. Main roads in our section of town get closed down because a restaurant set up a projection TV for customers to watch the game, in the middle of the street.(totally not kidding, this happens).
  3. My husband will turn into a zombie, and suddenly remember he is mad for cricket, just before the game starts, but at all other times shows little to no interest.
  4. I know Pakistan wins because of the gunfire that goes on and on and on.
Things I have tried since moving here that I never thought I would eat-
  1. Tongue/Siri(goat head)- it is actually rather tasty.
  2. Paya(cow or goat feet) curry- I used to only eat the soup, but now very much enjoy the bones/meat also.
  3. Watermelon rind in a curry- never would have thought of this, but it is just like tinda/loki(apple and bottle gourds).
  4. Spicy/savory fruit salad- it would never have occurred to me, but black pepper can be very tasty in fruit salad.


Farhan Jalil said...

When ever the electricity came after loadshedding in summers, also came a unique joy of happiness for me and for everyone in the street.

mib said...

just now found your blog. the way you described the cricket phenomena is very accurate,lol. you can visit/join me at .

Anonymous said...

Oh really i need to know more about Pakistan be i m move there the end of December i m excited already :) Tara khan

Aishah said...


FarhanJ-I know that feeling! When you are just sitting there in the house, hot and annoyed that the lights have gone for the third time in 2 hours, then all of the sudden the lights come on, all I can say is "Alhamdullilah". I am so happy to see the fan start turning, and the lights come on!

mib- welcome to the blog, inshAllah I'll check out your blog.

Tara-If you don't mind- Where in Pakistan will you be? Any questions you might have, let me know, I am always happy to help if I can! InshAllah your trip will go well.

Thinking said... good observations....