Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Garam What?!?!?!

Asalamu Alaikum,

The other day Saad came running into the sitting room to tell us about what one of the door to door salesmen was selling. He ran in shouting "Mama, Daddy, Garam Pakistani Wala!"

Basically what he was saying was "Hot Pakistani Seller" which then made us all burst out laughing. After a minute we all stopped to hear what was actually being sold, it was the Bakarkhani wala. He comes down our street a couple times a day with a metal trunk on the back of a bicycle and a recording that says "Garam bakarkhani, garam bakarkhani, jeldi jeldi aie!" Meaning "Hot bakarkhani, hot bakarkhani, quickly quickly come!"
Bakarkhani is kind of like a puff pastry, lots of flaky layers, sometimes plain or with sprinkles of sugar on top. It is very very tasty, and we sometimes get them to eat with our chai.

Tariq likes to complain about the price though. He is turning into a stereotype of an old man, with his "back in my day" stories, every time he buys bakarkhani he says, "I can remember when it was athaney(a 25 paisa or maybe 50 paisa coin, I think) for one and now it's 4 rupees for one!" 


Maven said...

YUM! I just returned (Saturday) from India, and already I miss all of those wallahs that come down the streets and alleys selling their wares:)

Unknown said...

Cute story! I'm curious though why your son called him a "Pakistani" wala. Was it a simple childhood mispronunciation? Those are the cutest.

sandra hasan said...


So glad I found this blog.

Lived as an English wife of a Pakistani gentleman in Karachi for 10 years from 1963.

We had wonderful time and miss it still.

Thank goodness for Skype so we can keep up with our family.

I found the blog whilst looking for Shalwar Khurta making instruction as my 8 year old grand- daughter just loves wearing them.

Enjoy your time with your family it will be unique.

Hugs Sandra

Aishah said...

Maven, It is one of the coolest things, I spend a lot of time on our roof, seeing who's selling what. I saw the pics on your blog, looked like lots of fun!

Kristy, It's just that they sound similar and sometimes it's hard to tell what they are shouting out there! Now he knows what they were saying, but he still calls them "pakistani wala" because he thinks it's funny.

Sandra, Wow that is a lot of time to spend in Pakistan, kind of difficult for me to imagine staying that long. Did you ever get to come back to visit when you got back home? I totally agree with you about skype, it makes it so much easier to stay in touch with my parents. They were pretty nervous about us living over here.