Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Feature-The settling in process

Asalamu Alaikum,

Usually when we get to Pakistan there is a routine that we have as part of our settling in process. It takes about a week, and it basically includes cleaning the entire house top to bottom. It is actually a necessity due to all the dust that gets everywhere wile we are gone. Our first floor is mostly enclosed except for the main entrance hall which has a long open window with a  steel grill at the top of the wall, so it gets a lot of dust flying off the road outside. The upper floor is also mostly enclosed except for the front hall/gallery which is open to the roof, with another steel grill. So those are the two main areas that need a god cleaning. All the other rooms basically just need a good vacuum/dusting.

After the initial dust/vacuum, comes the furniture moving. Before we leave Pakistan we pull all the furniture out of the downstairs sitting room to a more inner room, so all that has to be moved back where it belongs. Then we wipe down the kitchen and wash the teapots and cups.

Then comes the most important part of our settling in process-making chai and taking a break!

After 15 minutes break and chai comes changing the sheets and dragging all the suitcases up to the bedrooms. After all the cleaning and chai it is pretty late so we leave the rest of the heavy cleaning for the next couple of days, and head to sleep.

Since we usually take evening flights it is about 2-3am by the time we finish our initial cleaning and chai breaks. Over the next 5-6 days we spend most of the day cleaning the whole house. My father in law spend hours on the little strip of a garden in front of the house. It is one of his favorite pastimes, he weeds, trims the plants, waters and plants new flowers.

After the first 5-6 days we can start to take it easy with the cleaning. Then comes the sign that we are really here and settled- extended family and friends start to visit. Having guests over make it really feel like we are here.


Anonymous said...

remember me of the times when we move to another house...its just the same process...but it looks cool

Adventurous Ammena said...

wish we could come over to visit you :( insha'Allah you will be in America by the time we are returning... try to get a layover in London ;)