Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Feature- Packing Up

Asalamu alaikum,

We have a lot of practice in packing suitcases. We packed up a bunch of suitcases and left our home in Florida, to go to Detroit(to visit Tariq's cousins), then on to Boston(to visit my parents), then again to come over to Abu Dhabi. Then again, to go to Pakistan, then to come back to Abu Dhabi, and again back to Pakistan, and Tariq came to Abu Dhabi every couple of months for his visa. Then we came back from Pakistan during the last week or so of Ramadhan, and now once again we are packing.

We had hoped to be able to stay here until Tariq's interview at the embassy(could take a while though), but circumstances changed, and we are again off to Pakistan. We have more work to do there, and inshAllah it will be finished quickly.

So when packing we have some tricks to fit as much as we can, (within the weight limits), and to protect what is breakable. For example, one reason that I roll my suits, is to fit more in the suitcases. The rolls also make a nice cushioning layer for the breakables. We don't usually pack just once, last minute items frequently require a re-pack of the whole deal. So it is sometimes like a giant game of Tetris!

We also have a list of frequently used items that get bought just before anyone in the family travels to PK. To most people it probably looks like a grocery list though! Some of the top items are -Garam masaley(black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, etc.) the brand of powdered milk my Father in law prefers(Nido), Nivea cream, body sprays and perfumes, jars of the jam we all like, and the preferred brands of shampoo, and soap(Lux in case you are wondering ;-).

We are leaving shortly, and since we turned off the net before we left it may take a while to get settled in and get it turned on again. So in case I go quite here for awhile, don't worry, InshAllah I'll be back on soon!

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Maven said...

Happy and Healthy New Year's Wishes to you and your family!