Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fun Project! Hijab and Shawl pins

Asalamu alaikum,

I saw this post over on Witchy Woman(Chiton Pins), in which she made some pins from bits of copper wire. I loved the look of them, and wanted to make a couple.

So I ended up making one hijab pin(left side, with the point), two slightly longer shawl pins(minus points, don't want to accidentally stab myself), five finger rings(one each for three sisters in law, brother in law's wife and myself), and one toe ring.

I do like them all very much, but as she said in the original post, they make little holes in the cloth. I use the hijab pin as decorative only, and only in loose woven scarves where the weave can be mushed back into place after I take out the pin.

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Garpu said...

Very cool! Might have to try this for the knit shawls I'm doing. (Lace habit...)