Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Feature-Jebel Hafeet and Green Mubazarrah

Asalamu alaikum,

Related to last week's "Friday Feature", this week it's Jebel Hafeet!

In Al Ain UAE, there is a mountain called Jebel Hafeet, at the base is the Green Mubazarrah. The Mubazarrah is a great place to relax, and have a picnic, have a bit of a hike, and do a bit of swimming.
View of the park from the top of a little hill.

There are hot springs that pump water down through the park in channels that form pools at the base. There are also indoor pools with separate buildings for ladies, and men and children(the indoor pools charge a fee, but are cleaner than the out side).

Pools at the base of the park. The water is cooler here, but also sometimes
dirty(especially if you go on the weekend).

We usually end up at Jebel Hafeet after our "Border Runs."

There are picnic pagodas setup all around the park, with grills on the side. We bring a picnic blanket and setup in a pagoda, and start grilling. Some times we have a bit of a hike on the hills first, to give us an appetite. There is also play equipment for the kids. We don't like to go on the weekends so much as there are really big crowds.

Us at the top of a hill, taking a rest. The walk back down is always so easy!

After eating, we go and play around in the channels. The water is only about 6-8 inches deep. The further up hill(closer to the pumps) you go the hotter it is.
Saad was a bit afraid of it at first, he doesn't even like to take warm bathes in the house, so the warm water freaked him out at first. After he got used to it, he was like a fish, and didn't want to go! If you go, do be careful, there is some algae or something that makes it slippery.

You can see the lights on the road up the mountain, snaking back and forth in the background.

There is a road that leads to the top of the mountain, we have visited it before if you want to take a look, the post is here. The view from the top is pretty cool at night(we've never been during the day, too hot!), and there is a little cafe, if you want a snack while up there. When we went a couple weeks ago, there were signs saying the road to the top was closed because of construction work, so I am not sure when they will open it again.

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Um Zakarya said...

Assalamu Aleykum sister,

Sorry I haven't commented for a while!MashALLAH I'd love to go there, I know my son would die to swim in this warm water lol.
Enjoy your time in UAE.

Lot of love.