Monday, August 15, 2011

What do you love about Pakistani foods?

Asalamu alaikum,

-This is a scheduled post.
I have decided to stop "live posts" during the month of Ramadhan, to try to concentrate more fully on what I need to during the month. Please don't hesitate to make comments, as I will be stopping in once in a while to check how every body is doing. Have a blessed month every one!

I love cooking any food, but most especially Pakistani food. There are a lot of things that I really love about the food itself and the cooking process of our regular meals.

Almost every dish in our house starts with frying onions with whole garam masala("hot spices"-cinnamon stick, black peppercorns, large brown cardamoms, and cloves), then adding garlic and ginger paste, then adding tomatoes, and the powdered spices(red chili powder, salt, turmeric, coriander), and frying until the tomatoes break down into paste and the oil starts to separate from the sauce. Then you add whatever the main ingredient is(meat or any vegetables)

My first favorite thing about Pakistani cooking is-I love, love, love the smell of frying onions/garlic/ginger. It is just the most delicious smell. Every time I start a meal, when the scent hits my nose, my mouth starts to water and I get hungry immediately.

Another thing is the taste of the sauce, just after the tomatoes/spices are added. They all just meld together into the most tangy/salty/spicy sauce. I sometimes like to eat it as you would a regular chuntey, on it's own with a bit of bread.

Our daily menus are not that complicated, mostly the same base with different vegetables or meat/chicken and potatoes. I also love that for the most part, Pakistani cooking is not as difficult as it looks. I mean if you look at the ingredient list for most dishes it looks like a lot, but it isn't really. My first couple of dishes turned out odd because I had no real reference for what they should look or taste like. Once I got used to the flavors and the look(after we moved here and I could see how it was supposed to be), I found it very easy to learn.

So what are your favorite things about eating or cooking Pakistani foods? Or any other regional dishes? Why do you cook what you do?


Roshni said...

Hmmm this post has made me so hungry; its gonna be a long fast!! Well just like you, I love Pakistani food! I have a bit of a spice addiction which I can’t shake! Seriously; I have to have chilly with every thing or else I don’t enjoy it! I’m not a great cook, so I thank Allah every day for shaan masala! Just a packet and some yoghurt and its all done! I love eating street food in Karachi too, even though it can make you sick! I also love the fact that chaat masala on any thing gives it a complete new lease of life! I could go on and on, but best not; or else I’ll just be dreaming of food all day!

Unknown said...

I'm not desi but I'm currently learning how to cook Pakistani khana myself. And I think the fanciest part about it is having to collect several spices that no one in my country has ever used on a daily basis, like ajwain, zeera and kalonji. :) It does give a different flavor from what I'm used to but at least I get to learn something new and it has made me closer to my Pakistani friends who live oceans apart from me. :)

Nafisa said...

I discovered for myself gajar ka halwa. I never would imagine that simple carrot (with little changings)can be such a tasty thing!