Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday mini Tutorial-Contrasting reverse neck facing

Asalamu alaikum,

Today's tutorial is another simple way to embellish a plain kameez, with a reversed neck facing. Normally when making the facing for the neck you would use a piece of the same cloth and fold it inwards so that it is hidden. In this tutorial we are going to use a piece of contrasting fabric(in my case from the shalwar), and fold the facing from the inside out to create a contrasting band of color around the neck.
Step One
Most often my neck hole openings are six inches across by six inches deep, so the interfacing should be two inches wider than your opening, and one inch deeper(in this case 8"x7", the picture above is actually about 9" because my selection widens a bit at the bottom). Fold the interfacing in half and draw out the shape of your neck.

Step Two
Cut along the inner and outer lines and discard the extra.

Step Three
Place the fusible interfacing on a piece of contrasting fabric and iron in place.

Step Four
Trim the outer edges to half an inch.

Step Five
Place your neck facing on the wrong side of the kameez, and sew one line around the inner side of the interfacing.

Step Six
Cut the inner piece of both the kameez and the neck facing, just outside the line of stitching(leave a bit less than a quarter inch of fabric).

Step Seven
Fold the neck facing out to the right side of the kameez, and sew one line of stitches on the very edge of the neck line.

Step Eight
Carefully fold the extra fabric around the edges of the facing under and sew a ling of stitches along the very edge of the facing.

Here is how it will look after you finish the sewing.

Full view of the contrast, reverse neck facing. After completing this you would just continue with the kameez as normal.


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All your tutorials are really helpful, i was wondering can you make kalidhar kameez tutorial.

Thank you

Renea said...

Very pretty!