Monday, July 11, 2011

TV- what we watch

Asalamu alaikum,

We are a bit obsessed with the Discovery Channel. It's in Hindi over here so Tariq understands pretty much everything, and it helps me understanding spoken Urdu/Hindi, a bit too. Our current favorite is "Dual Survival", with Cody and Dave. I was watching some clips of the English version on the website, and it seems like they are much more polite when speaking Hindi. ;-)

There is also a couple other shows we watch frequently-

"Man vs. Wild", none of us like this one too much, Bear Grylls is a bit extreme, and Saad says he eats "gunda(dirty) things". But we watch anyway, because there are some interesting things, and the weird fascination of watching him eat raw/living things, eeewww!

"Survivor Man with Les Stroud"-We like this one more than "Man Vs Wild", he normally cooks his food and is a bit more practical. Plus he is totally alone which makes it a bit more interesting with the camera work.

"Whale Wars"-Interesting show. Saad laughs when they throw stuff(some foul smelling acid?) at the whaling boats.

"Swords:Life on the Line"-Also pretty cool, but a couple of the guys are really annoying and you kind of just wish they would stop their complaining already.

Alhamdulillah we have been watching less random programs, and more educational stuff, Saad still likes his cartoons though(he is crazy for Ben 10). We have a nightly routine, we all go up to our room, get comfy and watch our regular shows. About half way through our TV time I usually make a small snack, chai and bread with butter or jam, or a plate of Mangoes or something. Then after "Dual Survivor" Saad is usually asleep, Tariq and I pray fajr then go to sleep. Our sleep schedule is pretty weird, but on the plus side, we don't over sleep and miss fajr,and we like to joke that we are practicing for America, sleeping at 5AM is a nice early bedtime of 8pm in Boston!


Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis, when are you coming to the states? I would love to meet you and your sweet little boy. He and Aaminah are very close in age AND heritage. :-)

Ma salaama...

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

DH and I love the Discovery Channel. For awhile we were obsessed with Man vs Wild and survivor man. DH preferred survivor man, I preferred Man vs Wild. =)

Another program we really liked (haven't watched it in ages) was "I shouldn't be Alive." I cant remember if that was on the discovery channel or not. Same goes for "Planet Earth."

Aishah said...


Umm Aaminah,
InshAllah, we will be there at the end of this year or early next, it all depends on how the paper work goes. We will be in the Boston area(where the 'rents live) for a while, until we figure out what we're doing. Don't go moving off to another country before we have a chance to meet up!

Rene-I think I just don't like Man vs wild because I am a bit grossed out by some of the stuff he eats. I mean deer pellets, live frogs/snakes, and seeds(or something) from bear poop? icky icky icky. Some of the show was pretty cool though.

Umm Aaminah said...

Awesome; I'm so excited! I don't think we are going anywhere soon; can't wait to meet you. :-)