Monday, July 18, 2011

Our SubhanAllah moment for today.

Asalamu alaikum,

For the past two days Saad has been asking for balloons. He loves to bounce them around in the air and will spend hours playing with them. We decided to go to Makro(kind of like a Wal-mart) last night and so I promised him we would get some while we were at the store.

He asked me at least twenty times about the silly balloons, and I kept promising him he would get them when we went to the store. He had been fairly fussy all day, I think he is just so bored of being alone.

So we went to the Makro, and wandered around for a while. We picked out some stuff, had some tea and snacks in the cafe, and then decided to leave. We made one final detour through the toy aisle, and only remembered the balloons when we walked by the little party decorations section.

We looked at the balloons, but Tariq said it was way too expensive for such a tiny little pack. He said we could pick up a bigger package from the store near the house(and it would cost less too). MashAllah, Saad, my little sweet heart, did not fuss that he couldn't have his balloons right then.

So we left the Makro, and headed home, but it was really too late to stop for the balloons. When we got home I felt so bad that we hadn't got the balloons. Saad was a little upset, so to distract him I remembered that we had picked up a bottle of "Ice Cream syrup"(kind of like Rooh afza juice but green), and it came with a little free surprise.

Trying to get him to forget his balloons until tomorrow, I made a bid deal of asking him what could be inside? It worked. He was so excited by the little plastic egg, that he forgot the balloons. We pulled it out of its plastic wrapper and bent close together to open it.

What was inside? A bright red balloon! SubhanAllah! Saad was so overjoyed to see that balloon, and Tariq and I couldn't stop smiling.


Umm Aaminah said...

Subhanallah is right! How sweet! I hate those moments when what is promised somehow gets overlooked or can't be done. I am so happy Allah looks out for us, even in the "little" things. :-)

Um Zakarya said...

Assalamu Aleykum,

All I can say is SubhanALLAH!We plan and ALLAH SWT is the best of planner.Alhamdulillah, ALLAH SWT fulfilled your little boy's request:)

Unknown said...

That's too cute! He was so good he deserved that balloon. God always blesses the children.

marzie said...

This made me smile
Maybe Allah liked patience on your little boy's part :)