Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Feature-Help Help, I am drowning in Mangoes!

Asalamu Alaikum,

I was just reading on Wikipedia about different mango varieties, and it lists Pakistan as having twelve different types of mangoes. Today we had three different types for dessert-Sindhri, Langra, and Chausa. I had never really liked mangoes before moving here, maybe because I had never had a Pakistani mango before?

When the season comes, we buy mangoes daily, by the crate. Some are smaller than my fist, and others as large as Saad's head. Some varieties are better cut into slices, and some we just squeeze in their skin until all the pulp is liquified and then pop the top off and drink it like a juice box. The larger varieties we usually cut up and put in the blender with some milk and make really thick milk shakes.

The one thing that is a bit annoying is that eating so many mangoes can get messy! Saad especially is a master at ruining his clothes(or mine when he grabs my shirt with sticky mango hands) while eating mangoes.

Because of this, when he was little we devised the perfect method to feed babies mango with easy clean up. First I put a layer of newspaper on the floor, then striped Saad and my nephews down to the diapers, put them in the very center of the newspapers along with the plate of mango slices, then stood far away until they were done. One person would grab each baby, dripping with mango, and quickly head to the bathroom to give them a post mango bath, while another person would roll up and throw away the soggy newspapers.

I really wish I had taken pictures of Saad at this point. He was covered in mango from his head to toes, but he was so happy and smiley. He loves mangoes so much, he would eat nothing else all day if we let him.

Any one have any suggestions what to do with so many mangoes? Any recipes for interesting desserts? By the end of the season, we will have eaten so many mangoes that we never want to see another mango again. Until next season, when the cycle starts anew!


UmmIbrahim said...

You lucky duck. That's totally my favorite thing about summer in Pakistan. I've heard rumors that the U.S. was supposed to be allowing for the importation of PK mangoes this year, but I haven't seen any in my area. My favorites were the Sindhri which were usually early in the season. All my in-laws loved the Anwar Ratol (sp?) ones.

As for new ideas, we love cake custard and trifles in our family (2 "desi guest" friendly sweets). Layer cake (I usually bake a pound cake or sponge cake here, but ovens there are often dodgy and I think people buy ready made for the dish), custard, jelly (ya know, the halal jello things... mango flavor would be good with your mangoes), and your fruit. For a quickie family dessert you could do parfaits with fruit, custard, cream, maybe biscuits (gluco or sooper or some such), use your imagination.

Fruit salad is always good with all the summer fruits. Chickoo, cherries (I was surprised by the good cherries in Pakistan), mangoes, etc. You can go all gori and just add sugar and no chat masala for variety.

Enjoy those mangoes yaar!

Unknown said...

I looooooove pakistani mangoes!!!

saathi said...

Hey, there is a food blog that I like that just did a bunch of posts on what to do with so many mangos! here is the link to her series on mango madness ~

I want to try several of these!

Adventurous Ammena said...

lol.. abu just asked the other day which ones I liked the most to send some over. I dont know how they will be.. hubby doesnt like them ;)

Thinking said...

hmm....well...that's what I like about my beloved country...

Reva said...

There is no match of Pakistani mangoes, phalsa and jamun. You lucky girl. Eat these summer fruits as much as you can because you will be back in USA before next summer insha ALlah :)