Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Feature-Heat and Load shedding survival tips

Asalamu alaikum,

The heat of summer is in full force now, and the load shedding is getting worse every day. InshAllah, soon the rain will start and it will help cool off the city a bit. :-)

So here are a couple of quick tips for heat/load shedding survival!

These are one of your best friends when the lights go out. I love these woven fans, we usually have plain ones for our own daily use and some pretty colored ones on hand for guests. Also they are very cheap-15-25 rupees, so when the kids break them, they are easy to replace.

Emergency lights! Plug it in and turn on, then they automatically turn on when the lights go. Much safer than a candle, and on a full charge some get up to 8 hours of continuous use. We have hooks placed in certain rooms of the house, so you can just pop the light on the hook in the wall and not have to worry that it will fall off a table or something like that.
Water coolers. We empty our 5 gallon bottles of water into the cooler, and drop in a bowl of ice. We don't bother with ice cubes, they would never last! Instead we keep 4-5 bowls of bottled water in the freezer and then just dump a new bowl into the cooler. It does have to be cleaned out fairly often, so that is one of Tariq's chores.

A generator. Worth more than it's weight in gold. The normally run on petrol/gasoline, but here in Karachi they can be fitted with a converter to run off of CNG, like the cars. This one is strong enough to run all the lights and fans, the TV, and the pumps to fill the water tanks, but not the AC, the refrigerator, or oddly the iron. So if you have a function to go to, better to press your clothes early, as the lights will almost surely go out while you are getting ready!


Reva said...

Joys of living in Pakistan :) My family lives in Lahore. I have heard that generator produces very loud noise? This generator looks small in size? Can you tell the size, price and sound level of this generator?

Umme Yusuf said...

So true, we use UPS instead of a generator. It can run 2-3 fans and 2-3 lights for a couple of hours at stretch.

Umm Aaminah said...

Subhanallah. I think that must be one of the things you are most eager to experience again; reliable power supply! lol

Aishah said...


Reva-It is a bit noisy, if we are watching TV on the first floor, we do have to turn the volume up because it can be difficult to hear. But on the second or third floor it is not that bad, kind of a hum, but not enough to really disturb you. This generator is somewhere in the medium range, I think there were at least two or three smaller ones that Tariq just ruled out buying because they just didn't have enough power.

Umme Yusuf-One of my SIL's family has a UPS, and it does work great for the shorter load shedding. I kind of like it because it is quiet. We did consider getting one instead, but figured that the generator would be better for when there are longer stretches of power loss.

Umm Aaminah,
Yeah it is definitely one of the biggest problems for me, I can deal with a lot of stuff, but no electricity? I will never take an uninterrupted supply for granted again!

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

OMG !I have same bed sheet ,same hand fan, same emergency light but I don't have generator or UPS.Emergency fan.I feel so sorry for this current state of electricity .It is pain in ass.

Thanks for your comment and following .Hope you will come again :),soon.