Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Feature-Load shedding, and sleeping on the roof

Asalamu Alaikum,

Load shedding has been on the increase lately. The lights were going out three times a day for and hour and a half, and it was always on schedule. Then they started to go out for two hours, still three times a day. Then two hours four times a day, but still on schedule. Now they go four or more times and it is seemingly random. And in between all the load shedding there is tripping, when the load is just too much and two or three streets go out, but somebody will get to that pretty quickly(15-20 minutes). Occasionally a transformer will blow, if you are sitting on the roof at night you can see it-a big flash of light and then the area will go dark. That always takes a while to fix.

Last night around 1:30 am I decided to turn in early(we are late late night owls). I had just sat down on the bed, and was trying to adjust my pillow when the lights went out. We left the room and sat on the second floor landing to catch a breeze while we waited for the lights to come back on. While we were sitting, Tariq was chatting to on e of the neighbours out the window, apparently it wasn't unscheduled load shedding but the power line for our street had broken.

When I heard that I said to Tariq, "They're not going to fix it now, it's two o'clock in the morning, lets go sleep on the roof." So we all grab our pillows and a couple sheets and head up to sleep on the char-pies(like a cross between a bed and a hammock). While we are up there we here firing. It goes back and forth a while, but nobody pays attention. It has be come back round noise, and that is the weird thing for me. The sound of gunfire is now normal, like a car horn, or bird song.

It is strange what people can get used to with enough exposure.


Thinking said...

hmm...I wish I could have the roof too...when we used to live in our Grandfather house which have the roof and even those times loadshedding was not regular but we used to spend nights on was like a picnic.

Firing is a custom in marriages too...I went to one marriage and made alot of fuss about it...but where I live its a marriage halls lane...I heard these firing on arriving of groom (baarat)and leaving with bride(rukhsaty).

Nice post !

Aishah said...

Thank you!
I would like to sleep up on the roof more often but my husband is concerned about thieves coming on to our roof at night. :-(

I much prefer when the firing is for a happy occasion! My jaytani's brother got married and they did too much firing at their house before the baraat left, there were five brothers and each had to have a turn. One had a shotgun, and it was especially loud.

I was wondering were you able to see the eclipse at all the other night?

Thinking said...

hmmm...I missed that...but not in a way that I didn't see it...I was wondering with my beloved husband under the eclipes from midnight to 2:00 am as one of my cousin got a baby boy and she needs blood so we on bike have seen it...wonder under many times I asked it a qustion...the same one I asked the MOON whenever I see it...but not on single instance I thought it is eclipsed moon....only when we reach MIL called and told me that it was eclipse that

hmm...Me and my ingnorances...ahh....

How about you...did you see it?

Aishah said...

Alhamdulillah, I saw the last part when the smallest sliver of the moon disappeared. It was going in and out of the clouds for the most part.

Thinking said... you think it is bad or unlucky to see eclipse moon...or go under it might bring you bad luck?

Aishah said...

I don't think it is bad or unlucky, just a sign from Allah(swt). It is an incredible thing. I saw a solar eclipse once when I was young(maybe 12-13 yrs) and it was also very awesome.