Monday, May 30, 2011

When Pizza Is an Adventure!

Asalamu alaikum,

Last night around 1am I was in the kitchen about to make a late night snack for Saad before he went back to sleep. As I am heating his food, Tariq comes down and says he feels like pizza, get ready, lets go. At first I don't believe him, I mean come on it's 1am, and every time I suggest pizza he says- no, they probably don't taste good, and the pizzas are too small.

He goes to get his wallet and I realize he's not joking. I run upstairs to get my abaya and hijab. While I am in the room I have the strangest urge to throw on a pair of jeans instead of my shalwar ("American woman"+"American Food/PIZZA!"=the need to wear jeans), so I grab the only pair of jeans I currently own and change. I put on the abaya and wrap my hijab, pull up the bottom edge to make a niqab(I feel more comfortable when we go out at night this way-less stares), and rush back down stairs.

We take the big bike(Honda 125) and head out. Saad wants to go but it is too late to be taking him out, so he stays with Tariq's sister and watches cartoons until we get back.

We zoom through the streets, most of them are quiet. Along the main road there are some juice stands still serving, and a couple of restaurants. There is the hum of generators here and there, because of load shedding.

Finally we get to the restaurant, walk in and check out the menu. The guy says they have a special after midnight-buy one pizza get one free. So we pick out two pizzas and also get a side of chicken wings. We sit and wait for the pizzas, then they bring them over and we head out.

Have you ever tried to bring home two pizzas and a box of wings while sitting side saddle on a motorcycle? It was an interesting ride home, with a quick stop to get a 2 liter of Pepsi.

So there I am sitting side saddle on the bike behind Tariq, with these two pizzas and box of wings on my lap, my left hand gripping the boxes tightly(oh, I hope I don't squish the pizzas!), and my right arm wrapped around Tariq's waist to make sure I don't go flying off the bike. We zoom back towards the house, trying to get back before the pizzas get too cold, my abaya and hijab are flapping in the wind, and I've got one foot on the foot stand and other one dangling freely, the air rushing over it. As we turn the corner onto our street, the tip of the toe of my chapple touches the ground briefly as we lean to the left.

Safely home, with our pizzas(not squished at all!), we all sit down to enjoy our late night meal.


Umm Aaminah said...

Pakistani version of "Mr. Toad's wild ride?" LOL

That sounds like FUN sis! I love spontaneous late night trips for junk food. :-D

Aishah said...

It was a blast!

We have been staying in a lot recently (because of the tension in the city), so it was a double treat-going out for a ride and PIZZA!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun!! What a cool experience :)

Adventurous Ammena said...

sounds like fun... we had 1 pizza over there, from Pizza hut.. Im not impressed with the lack of fresh mushrooms in that country :( How are things with the sil??

Aishah said...

Hi Saathi-It was really cool, I love stuff like this. It was just one of those little, totally ordinary(well, back home it's ordinary) everyday things that just kind of stick with you.

I hope you are having a great time on your trip!

Salams Ammena-I am not really a fan of mushrooms(I actually like the canned ones), so it didn't bother me too much! What I thought was weird was the chicken piza had three different "flavors" of chiken-"fajita", "tikka", and little bits of chicken hot dogs! Strange.

Sil and I are cool, the little disagreements never last long ;-)

Anonymous said...

this reminds me off when i was in pakistan!!
i love ur blog! please write often

Anonymous said...

I found your blog,as i was searching out for sewing & stiching etc.Im from pakistan in uae.though i did not read all your blogs,still i want to know like how come you are in Pakistan when you an american...Please dont mind,But i just thought so...and BTW the method you gave for stiching a shirt is so easy.

Aishah said...

Salam Sara,
sorry it has taken me so long to reply-

I don't mind your asking, the reason I am here is my husband, he is Pakistani. We came here to help out his family with some business, then we will go back to the US. InshAllah I am going to make a Friday Feature about it all soon.