Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Saad's Kameez, plus three!

Asalamu Alaikum,

Usually I sew clothes just for my niece, as most of the extra cloth that I have in my fabric stash is from ladies suits. A couple months ago though, one of my sister in laws was cleaning out a closet and found a piece of cloth that was supposed to be for a man's shalwar kameez(about 7 meters, some sort of blend) and as no one was going to use it she gave it to me to experiment on.

I ended up making a little kameez for Saad, and then three more, one for each of my nephews!
Cute Little Man, all ready for Jummah(Friday prayers) with daddy!

I still need a bit more practice, as I had a couple small issues while working on it but they all turned out well for a first attempt.

Thumbs up, mama!

I have been doing more sewing than knitting or crochet lately, due to the heat I can only do the knitting at night before bed when we turn on the AC. I do have a couple of knit/crochet WIPs to post and lots more sewing too, inshAllah I'll be posting more in a day or two.


Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis; masha'Allah, I'll say it again, you are so talented!

I would like to bring up an issue with you. I noticed in the oh-so-cute pic of Saad that one of his eyes appears not to focus with the other.

My middle child, Alex, had amblyopia (lazy eye) and was treated with patching for a few months and then glasses for several years.

It's easy to miss; we didn't notice it with Alex until he went for a pre-screening that was free through the Lion's club and they look for this problem specifically.

I am not trying to worry you but with amblyopia if it's caught early, usually patching and corrective lenses are enough and surgery isn't required.

Sorry for the long post and you don't have to post this if you don't want. I just wanted to bring it to your attention if you hadn't already noticed; often its only noticeable in photos where the moment is frozen.

Insha'Allah all is well but I wanted to be sure and mention it.

Ma salaama...

Aishah said...

Salams Umm Aaminah,

It might just be that he was making silly faces for the camera, it takes forever to get him still enough to take a good one!

InshAllah the next time we visit a doctor I'll mention it to them and get them to check though, you really can't be too careful! Thank you for letting me know, Hugs!

Adventurous Ammena said...

me and hubby were smiling and laughing over these photos yesterday :) well done you... miss you both

Thinking said...

hmm...Dear are getting better every day..I must say...

Thanks for dropping by...I really am happy to se you on my blog...

Take Care.