Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two Types of Belt Shalwar

Asalam Alaikum,

The basic belt shalwar has two main pieces, the belt and the legs.

There are two basic types of cutting for the leg. One is simple and usually takes less cloth, while the other is a bit more difficult and takes more cloth. Each has benefits and drawbacks. The simple one is much easier and involves less steps, and it has a slimmer leg(which can be a benefit or a drawback depending on how you like your shalwars to fit). The more complicated one is a bit looser because it has more cloth in the legs so while the leg is not as slim, I personally find it to be more comfortable.

When attaching the leg to the belt there are also two basic options-gathering the excess material like this-

The other option is to make nice even knife pleats like this-

InshAllah, I will shortly be posting the first of my belt shalwar tutorials. In the first tutorial I will explain how to make the simple leg belt shalwar with the gathering, and in a couple of weeks I will add the second tutorial with the wider leg and pleating.

The first tutorial will be broken up into part one and part two as it is very picture heavy.


nafisat_hizan said...

Assalamu alaikum sister. I have a question- choosing between gathers and pleats: does it depend on fabric or just matter of taste? Nafisa

Aishah said...

Wa alaikum asalam,

It is a bit of both. I prefer gathering for the cotton/lawn suits, partly because it is easier and quicker, partly because I hate ironing and I know I would never iron the pleats in a cotton suit(I am just too lazy), and also just because I like the look better.

For fancier/heavier fabrics(reshmee/malai, although I have no idea what they are called in English, but basically any of the silky types) I prefer pleats. It looks nicer, and since I will take my time with ironing these I don't really mind.

So it is up to you what you prefer. InshAllah my second belt shalwar tutorial will include the pleats as I am making a shalwar right now of a nicer cloth. Half the pictures are done I just have to finish up, get them uploaded and typed up.

nafisat_hizan said...

Thanks a lot Aishah. This time i made my shalwar with gatherings. Slowly i sew all kinds of shalwars i could find in net. Want to find "my" type. My friend looking at all these my attempts told me that also wanted shalwar for summer. Long live shalwar lovers society )))!