Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sewing on a Deadline

Asalam Alaikum,

Tariq had to go to Abu Dhabi for work, and so his sisters and brother's wife asked for some new clothes as summer is here and they need something light. We went to the market and picked out two suits for each, and gave one of each to the tailor and I offered to sew one of each. Since he was leaving rather quickly I had a short deadline and completed three suits in 2.5 days. It is a personal best for me as it usually takes one day and a little bit to complete one suit.

So here they are-

Three suits

First suit, simple design with an A-line shape and piping on the neck, the center line of the sleeves and the outside leg of the trousers.

Close up of neck, the shirt has a printed design running down the center, and on both of the long sides of the dupatta.

Second suit, regular kameez(not A-line), with an open work design on each sleeve and two on the bottom of the front of the shirt, and a piping design at the neck.

Close up of open work of the neck and front of kameez.

Neck design, simple loops of piping.

Third suit- A-line kameez with beaded bow design on neck and each sleeve, the trousers have a contrasting band at the foot.

Close up of beaded design.


Umm Aaminah said...

masha'Allah sis you are so (or is it sew?) talented! Allah has definitely given you a gift. :-)

Insha'Allah your husband doesn't have to stay long in UAE. It's a hot, soul-less place (in my opinion). :-) Maybe you guys liked it better than I.

Ma salaama...

M said...

Wow!! Only 2.5 days?? Those look amazing. You are very talented :)

Umme Yusuf said...

Love them all. 2.5 days is very impressive, more so with the intricate design details at the necklines.

Vivi said...

Wow, you are an amazing seamstress!! They are gorgeous!!

UmmIbrahim said...

Wowie Zowie... Ma sha' Allah, I'm totally impressed with those necklines yaar! You definitely need to post a tutorial on doing that if it's not too complicated. Back when I got my suits either made in Pakistan or sent from Pakistan (before I got frustrated that the darzi always messed up something, usually curving for the waist at the fullness of the bust because I'm taller than Pakistani women!) they always had such cute

I make all my own now, and they all have lame square necklines! I guess since I wear hijaab it doesn't show, but still... it might be fun to make something a little more exciting kabhi kabaar.

2.5 days... I am amazed by your mega crafting skillz. Keep it up, ma sha' Allah.

Aishah said...

@everybody-Thank you all so much!

@umm Aaminah-It's a quick trip, only 3-4 days so he'll be back soon. While I don't exactly love UAE, it is in some ways better and someways worse than living here. When we were there I tried to focus more on the positives.

@UmmIbrahim, I have the same problem with tailors and the waist shaping. I found that for people with fuller busts, or taller people, the center part that nips in needs to be further down. Some of the girls I sew for can get away with only five inches between bust and under bust and some need seven inches or more.

The neck work is not too complicated. The beaded one was the first time I have done that type of work, it is a bit time consuming though(lots of small fiddly bits). InshAllah I am almost done with a belt shalwar tutorial and then maybe I can start one for just neck designs.

Thinking said...

hmm....you are really very talented...Mashallah...

Good Work !

UmmIbrahim said...

Yay ma sha' Allah. You are my crafting connection. I am going to be making the belt shalwar as soon as you post it, in sha' Allah. I am fine for kameezes, but I've just been making regular pants with elastic waistbands to wear underneath because I've been too lazy to take apart a shalwar and make a pattern. It would be nice to be fully competent in making the whole outfit!

Bring it on! :-)

Adventurous Ammena said...

are they in Dubai? Otherwise Im confused as to why you had to do it before he leaves... are u going with him? will you/he be back for my parties??

Aishah said...

@Thinking-Thank you very much!

@Ammena-Don't worry he'll be back in time! Our family splits time between UAE and PK, DH's dad and brother work there and DH works here and has a business there, so he travels every couple of months. One of his unmarried sisters is here with us and two(and his brother's wife) are there with their dad.

luckyfatima said...

Mashallah you are a talented seamstress. You should open a specialty ladies-only tailoring shop in KHI because you could surely compete with all of the masters.

Aishah said...

@luckyfatima- Thank you! I was considering something like that when we get to the states. Here there really are too many tailors, on our street there are at least two women already. Do you think there is a market for South Asian style tailors in the US?

jennifer said...

MashAllah, very beautiful! Yes, I'd be your customer here in the states. I've given up finding a tailor who does a good job where I am.