Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Feature-Dayks/Catering

Asalam Alaikum,

For many of our parties/functions(engagements, mehndis, Qur'an khanees) we have some dayks delivered. Usually they have biriyani/pulao, or a quorma, with your choice of meat or chicken. They also have sweet dishes like zarda(sweet, multi colored rice with all sorts raisins/coconut/little sweet colored bits), or kheer(rice pudding).

For size comparison- Saad at 18 months next to a dayk.

Tariq transfers biriyani to a serving dish.

About an hour before the party starts the dayk wala comes by the house with the back of his truck full of dayks for his deliveries. He drops off your pot(s), and then goes to finish his deliveries. The waiters take over during the party and transfer the food to the buffet line, they are always busy carrying hot trays of food back and forth!

During the month of Muharram here in Karachi(specifically the ninth and tenth) people often fast. Commonly in our area the dayk walas prepare large amounts of haleem(kind of like a savory porrige, made with grains, lentils, and meat), which people will buy to feed people who are fasting, or donate to masjids.
A line of dayks full of haleem prepared for Ashura(tenth day of Muharram

Further away, since they take up so much space they are not inside but prepared on the side of the road.


Adventurous Ammena said...

interesting.. will probably see a few of these on my trip over ;) what is the reasoning for the fasting sis? just curious.. maybe Ill just google myself

Thinking said...

hmm...good post.

Well...these dayks wala are so much important for our little house hold parties now...

Before...I still remembered that my mother and all the family ladies used to cook all the dinner for these kind of little parties...

But now life have simpler ways...

Aishah said...

The reason for fasting depends on if you're Sunni or Shia.

Sunnis fast because it was a sunnah of the Prophet(saws) to fast on the tenth of Ashura. Some traditions say that this is the day that Musa(as) and his people were freed by pharaoh, and also the day when Nuh(as) left the ark.

Shias fast to commemorate the martyrdom of the Prophet's(saws) grandson at Karbala.

Aishah said...

Thank you.

Sometimes my young nunds will tell me about how their mother would prepare huge pots of food for people. We still have the pots, but now they get no use. :-(

In some ways the dayk walas make life easier, but sometimes I think the younger people will loose a valuable skill in the process. It is useful to be able to organize such parties ourselves, and helps to teach people how to plan well.

luckyfatima said...

Well you've tried cooking in the maTka so how about giving it a try in the daig? LOL!