Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Feature- Rooh Afza on the Roof

Asalam Alaikum,

My favorite juice drink has to be Rooh Afza. When we were in America Tariq found some at a local halal grocery and he told me I had to try it. It was delicious! The taste is hard to describe, but imagine if you could taste the scent of roses, it is kind of like that. Most often the Rooh Afza syrup is mixed with cold water, maybe some ice and sometimes a lemon slice. Some people like to drink it mixed with cold milk, and sometimes with Seven-up. There are other brands of juice like this-Naurus, Jam Shirin. They all have the same basic taste but some have a little extra of one thing or another. For example, to me, Naurus has a little too much cinnamon taste.

This is the bottle available here, the one in America was glass and had a slightly different label design.

Saad loves Rooh Afza, and he thinks it is funny when his tongue turns red

A relaxing afternoon on the roof

Rooh Afza is used a lot during Ramadan here in Pakistan. In our family we always have one pitcher of water and some dates to start and then follow that with Rooh Afza and all the snacks-samosa, pakora, chaat, and fruit.


Asma said...

i love it toooo:D:D no else juice compares:D

Meliha said...

I've heard some people mix Rooh Afza with milk.


Thinking said...

hmm...I love it with milk...