Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chenille Baby Set

Asalam Alaikum,

A family friend's daughter just had a baby, and our friend had asked me if I would knit a little set for the baby. She even bought the yarn and needles. The yarn was a really soft chenille, in a variegated blue, pink, and yellow.

The cardigan and pants.

The hat.

The bootees.

Patterns:None really, but the cardigan was inspired by the Five Hour Baby Boy Sweater, the hat was inspired by this pixie hat, and the bootees were inspired by Saartje's bootees.
Needles:They were labeled as a 6, but they aren't the same size as a US 6
Yarn:Chenille, heavy worsted-light bulky?

I am pretty happy with the way everything turned out, and our friend seemed pretty happy too.


Big, Bad, Blonde Bahu said...

That turned out really well. I love people who make things. I've never been able to figure out knitting because I'm a lefty and somewhat dyslexic. Where did you learn your skills? If it was from I book, I want to go buy it.

Big, Bad, Blonde Bahu said...

This turned out really well. You've got some skills! Did someone in you family teach you to knit, or did you teach yourself from a book?

Aishah said...

Thank you! I learned to knit in the masjid where I used to live, a friend taught me.

You can learn from a book, but some people find it easier in person, you could probably find a Local Yarn Shop that has classes. I have heard that for some lefties it is easier to learn in person because you can just mirror the person you are watching instead of trying to copy the illustrations in a book(which would be backward for lefties anyway).

Big, Bad, Blonde Bahu said...

Sorry for the double posting! I thought the first one had disappeared when I logged in. That's a good idea. When I've tried to learn before, it's always been next to someone, so sitting across from them is a great idea. Thanks!