Sunday, December 26, 2010

Quittin' Spittin' - A Meme

Asalam Alaikum,

InshAllah, somebody I know is coming to Pakistan soon, and I was struck by this strange idea for a little meme. At Jinnah airport here in Karachi there is a sign(actually a whole lot of signs), that look like this-

Since a lot of people that come to visit Pakistan come through this airport and this is an easy to spot landmark- that is the meme.

Part 1.Take a picture of this sign in the next time you go through Jinnah airport, you can be in the photo if you want but you don't have to be. You can be as creative with this as you want.
Part 2.Post the photo to your blog, with this list.
Part 3.Leave a comment on this post with your blog post so we can check out your pic.

You don't have to a visitor to Pakistan, If you live here it would be awesome to see your pics too!


ReeBz said...

umm didnot get it.. i mean is there any sort of contest going on?or is it started by YOU just for fun?

Aishah said...

Its just a silly meme, a friend of mine is coming to Karachi with her husband, so I though we could play a little game. It is kind of inspired by a similar sign that was posted on a blog I love to read. This is a really easy sign to find as it is right outside the airport, and it will be interesting to see if anybody else can find it and what kind of creative types of pics might come.

Its kind of like a game, you go and take the pic, it can be of just the sign or you can do something silly. Like stand on your head in front of the sign or anything.

ReeBz said...

Oh i see, hehe got it.
Enjoy the game :)
and say hello to your friend from me :)
Hope you have a nice time with her!

Adventurous Ammena said...

I wonder if it easy to spot... bear in mind, when we get there, there will probably be a big gang of people to welcome us.. I wonder how they would feel if the strange gori ran off to take a picture of a sign.. I have to show hubby this blog so he at least understands ;)

Aishah said...

It is pretty easy to spot, though the family might think its a bit weird to run off taking strange pics! When I came out of the airport and met Tariq's family for the first time, it was non stop hugs all the way from the airport exit to the cars!

Maybe you could take a pic as you leave, instead of when you get here?