Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friday Feature-Sometimes I just don't feel very gori

Asalam Alaikum,

I follow a couple of blogs by other "gori wives"(white wives), married to desi(Southeast Asian) men. Some are Muslim, like me, and some are not. Some wives convert to the religion of their husband(Islam, Hinduism, Etc.) and some stay in their own religion. It is very interesting to read the experiences others have had during stays in Southeast Asia, some of the experiences they have had are so similar to my own.

Here are a couple of blogs of other goris that I like to read sometimes-
The Gori Wife Life
Ammena's adventures
Lucky Fatima
Diary of a White Indian Housewife
Big Bad Blonde Bahu

The weird thing for me is I just don't feel very "gori" sometimes. I don't eat the food that I used to, even when I try to it seems to have little or no taste because I am now used to heavy/spicy foods. I wear shalwar kameez all the time, and when I try to wear a pair of jeans with my kameez it feels very odd.

Sometimes my husband jokes that he is more American than I am! He prefers pants and shirt to shalwar kameez for everyday wear, and hates "bargaining" when we go shopping(even though he is really good at it). He teases me about my fascination with "old fashioned" stuff like mutti handi(clay cooking pots) and wanting to learn Indian styles of hand embroidery.

I am sure there are lots of things that I won't miss like load shedding or having to boil all the milk before we can drink it. There are also lots of stuff that I will definitely miss that I can't find back home, like sitting on the roof in a cool breeze at maghrib time and listening to the adhan. I am so used to the way things are here I sometimes wonder how I will adjust when we get back home?


luckyfatima said...

Well, I think you are still gori, just not the same exact gori you were before. The experience of living away from your own place and immersed in a different place elsewhere can really alter your character and your identity, I feel.

Thanks for the link.

I do enjoy your blog very much as well :)

Thinking said...

hmm....I am sure you will get settle there as easily you have settled here...

Its in your own hands...thats what I think...

I strongly believe that this is one of the characteristics women may brag about...

I hope you find this place lovely as you wrote about it and may Allah be your HELPER...all the time. Ameen.