Friday, December 24, 2010

First Friday Feature! -Me and My Hijab

Asalam Alaikum,
Me in Florida, about a week or two after I said the shahada with regular clothes and an amira hijab

After I said my shahada, I started to wear a hijab. At first I just wore my regular clothes(sometimes with a long sleeved shirt underneath) and an amira style hijab, or a large square folded in a triangle and pinned under my chin. I started to buy clothes a piece at a time that were longer, or looser. Tunic style shirts with loose jeans, or a long skirt and top that reached mid-thigh. It was a slow process, partly because I couldn't go and spend a whole bunch of money on a whole new wardrobe all at once. Eventually I was able to purchase an abaya, and then my awesome mom got me a second one in a pretty blue color. After that I could just wear whatever I wanted and then throw an abaya on over it.
In Abu Dhabi, in a shayla with abaya.

I was still learning how to wrap the shayla(smaller rectangular scarves) type hijabs, and had not really had a lot of experience with dupattas(big rectangles that come with shalwar kameez suits). Dupattas are really really big, usually at least one yard wide by two yards long. When we came over to live with Tariq's family I started to wear shalwar suits full time. It took a bit of time to get used to wrapping the dupatta, but eventually I got used to it and now it just takes a couple seconds to wrap and go.
At Jebel Hafeet, in another slightly larger shayla.

I still get lots of questions about my hijab, and sometimes odd looks. In many families the way I wear it is not common. A lot of women wear the dupatta loosely draped to cover the top of the head and chest, I wrap it more tightly so that only my face is visible. I did occasionally get pressure from other women to be more "fashionable", to wear my dupatta differently, but by now everyone knows that I am not going to change and they just leave it.
Our first visit to the Sheik Zayed Masjid, in an abaya with a dupatta.


Adventurous Ammena said...

I love this last photo of you and saad masha'Allah

Umm Aaminah said...

Salaam sis and kudos on keeping true to yourself. When I was in India, I too was "encouraged" to loosen up in the family home. No way, they weren't my mahrams! lol

Anyway insha'Allah you keep up the increased posting; it's nice to get to learn more about you.

ma salaama...

ReeBz said...

MashaAllah :)May Allan bless you with even more stronger Eman and may He enlightens your path.Amen

photos are mashAllah all lovely,I can understand that how much difficult it can be for an American lady to wrap herself in so many clothing, but You have managed it finally :)

Well, to me this style of hijab is no weird at all.In my family all people are extra modern too.Girls donot wear dupatta properly.But the hijab style is common for all.I also wear hijab in the same way :)

OUm Suheer said...

As-salaamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. I found your blogg when I was searching on google for large hijabs. I saw the name and thougt maybe you were swedish like me. When I clicked on the photo I ended up on your blogg. I saw that you have put a flower over your face on all the photos and I just wanted to let you know that your face is showing on the version I found through google (I found the last picture). Maybe you allredy know but I thought it was best to write to you.
Wa salaam
Your swedish sister in deen.
Oum Suheer

Aishah said...

Asalamu Alaikum,

I think it may be some thing about google cache, I am not sure how to fix it. JazakAllah khair for the heads up sister!