Saturday, April 24, 2010

Updates on the crafting front

Asalam Alaikum,
It has been a while without an update. Part of that is just that I have lots of plans for posts, but never get to actually work them out. I am trying to get better about budgeting my time to get more done.

On the knitting side things are a bit slow recently, partly due to the weather. It is getting really hot here in Karachi. I did finish the vest that I was working on for Saad.

Pattern-Modified from the March chapter of Knitters' Almanac, The Chainmail Sweater
Yarn-Random Acrylic
Needles-US 5

I had to rip out the top half to the start of the arm holes because of a major miscalculation. The arm holes were huge and the neck opening would not have fit a newborn! I put it on hold for almost two weeks before I was able to work up the will to frog it and fix it. The arm holes still ended up too small and the neck is a bit wonky, it definitely won't fit Saad by the winter, so it will get saved for if we have another son in future.

Because of the heat I have been working on smaller projects, the first is a bit of tatted lace for the cuffs/collar of a suit I recently purchased. I don't really do a lot of tatting, mostly the odd book mark or small motif to keep myself from forgetting the skill. This will be my biggest project yet.

Another project is a new craft for me, I have for the longest time been fascinated by all types of hand embroidery. I have been learning some different types of embroidery without a real plan. It is mostly just for fun and maybe I can embellish some of my suits in the future.