Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Glasses

Asalam Alaikum,
Normally I just have one pair of glasses, sometimes a spare. I have never really felt the need to have more than one. When we first came to Pakistan, I decided that it had been a while and I should probably go for an exam. I got a pair of with plain gold frames that go well with my face and most outfits, the very next day the baby got hold of the old ones and snapped an ear piece right off. Last week while I was cleaning the new ones, one of the screws snapped with half stuck inside so we couldn't fix it ourselves. We had to take it somewhere to get it fixed, and while we were at it we decide to get a second pair just in case. While looking I couldn't decide between two pairs so we got them both.

The top is the original gold frames(now repaired), in the middle are the burgundy metal frames, and on the bottom, black metal with plastic ear pieces. It feels kind of strange to have so many choices.

It was a different experience to buy the glasses here compared to America. Back home it cost a lot of money, and usually took at least a week before I could pick them up. Here they were ready in an hour and cost less than one tenth what I spent on the last pair I bough in the States.

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Maven said...

Not sure if you've checked out the site or not, but I hear is a great site for inexpensive glasses.

Happy New Year from a fellow "Raveler."