Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Whats Up with all the Shouting?

Asalam Alaikum,
When I first came to Pakistan, all during the day I heard men walking up and down the street shouting all sorts of things. I thought it was pretty strange at first, and every time I heard someone I would ask my husband or my SIL what the man was saying. It turned out that they are like door-to-door salesman. They walk up and down the streets shouting out what ever food/service they are selling, then you come to your door and buy what you need.
There are fruit sellers, "Kayla, Seb wala!"(Banana and apple seller)-
Vegetable sellers-"Sabzi Wala!"

"Timatar aur Khira, pandra rupe kilo!"(Tomato and cuccumber, 15 rupees a kilo)
The Milk Man, or Dudh wala, he doesn't shout, but goes only to those houses on his route and rings the bell. You give him your milk boiling pot, or a jug and he gives you a kilo(or however much you normally get) and he brings your bill at the end of the month.
There are Snack Wale-They also don't shout but usually have a tape playing, kind of like an Ice cream truck. This is a popcorn wala-

And this is a Gol Guppa(pani puri) wala-

I have learned how to make these at home, but rarely do, because it is a lot of work to make enough puri for the whole family!

This is the "Teen Dubba Wala!" -

He is like the neighborhood recycling man, he walks through the streets and you give him old newspapers, plastic bottles, old dishes, tin cans(basically anything reusable/recyclable) and he gives you a couple of Rupees by the weight of whatever you give him.


luckyfatima said...

Great pics. I love gol guppay. I tried to make them myself but my puris came out leathery and not all of them puffed up. But the unpuffed ones were too leathery for using as paapar. I think I may have over-handled the dough. I am afraid to eat from the gol guppay wallah (who knows what water goes in his chutneys) so I only eat it in "hotels" :-)

Aishah said...

when I make the gol guppa, the dough gets handled a lot, I roll one batch and the gather up the cut scrap dough and used it in the next batch. Some things that help with a crispy texture are putting some sooji in the dough, and also the oil must be really hot so they cook fast, and while cooking you have to push them under the oil to get them all to puff properly. The first couple of times I made them they were really bad! I am working on a post on my food blog about them.

I am pretty adventurous (foolhardy:-) with the food, and eat just about anything!