Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wips and FOs

Asalam Alaikum,

Here is my Tasha from Knitty

Here is a simple crochet beanie for the baby. I actually made three(one for DS and one each for the nephews) but they all look pretty much the same.

Here is the stranded Topi. It did not turn out as expected, so I will probably go back and try again on this one.

Here is the Modified "Baby Sweater on Two Needles" from Knitter's Almanac

I made two of these, but gave one away before taking a picture. The first one was with the gull wing pattern, (it was short sleeved also) in a variegated purple/pink that I had left over from my second BSJ(see this post, on the left side of the second picture). The one above I left out the gull wing and just did a plain stockinette body with a simple 4 stitch cable on either side of the button band.

When we came back from Pakistan my SIL and here new DH came to visit Abu Dhabi for a short honeymoon, and we all went to Jebel Hafeet(AGAIN, its like there is nowhere else of interest for us in the whole country). So here is my favorite picture from that trip.

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