Monday, March 23, 2009

One Year in Exile Sorry Syd!

Asalam Alaikum,

As of March 19th We have been here for one year, it has been a little tough. Everything is so different. I don't think I like the good things about this place enough that I want to stay long term. I think that it mostly depends on the DH, and how the family business shapes up. If it does well enough that we can spend at least part of the year back home then I would consider staying. If I get at least 1 month a year back home, then some of the things that I don't like about this place would not seem as bad.

The DH is pretty antsy to get back to the states as well. I think that he has been away from this place so long that he is pretty much "Americanized" in his thinking and he also has some issues sometimes.

There are some reasons why I would actually like to stay, like- Halal restaurants, the clothes, not being gawked at in the Wal-mart because I am dressed "funny", some pretty great friends(HiAmiras!).

A year can be at the same time, incredibly long and amazingly short.


Sydney said...

I definitely agree with the long and short-feeling complex. We've had the same thing. Some days we feel like we've just arrived and can do it for another 3 years... other days, well, you know. :)

Karen O'Grady said...

IMO, it is entirely TOO long for you to be there...but then I want you all home with me or at the very least, near enough to visit often!!