Sunday, February 8, 2009

A trip to Dibba and Fujairah

Asalam Alaikum,

On the way to Fujairah we made some stops check out the scenery. This is a little spot in the desert, there were camels, and some trucks on the side of the road selling fresh fruit(it was pretty tasty). But the DS liked the sand best-

Pretty sand-

Mountains on the way to Dibba-

Me on the beach in Dibba, it was interesting, the mountains don't stop but continue into the water.

After Dibba, on the way to Fujairah we stopped by the side of the road(really these guys with trucks are everywhere) and got some very tasty, fresh cooked corn on the cob.

Then we stopped at The Bidyah Masjid, which dates to about 1446 CE-(This Photo from the outside comes from this site as we went when it was dark and the ones we took didn't come out well.)

Apparently this Masjid is architecturally unique because of the domes which spiral like a snail shell.

And here is the inside-

And I now present the return of the traveling orange-


Sydney said...

Absolutely gorgeous. We're going to have to make a point to get out that way. It looks amazing.

LOVE the fruit! :)

Hala said...

i have spent a weekend in that area!!it is so nice..