Friday, January 23, 2009

Guest Knitting

Asalam Alaikum,
As a distraction from my own knitting which seems to be going at the pace of a snail here is some guest knitting content from my Sister-in-Laws-

First Shazia is knitting a vest, it is not from a pattern, I am working that out as we go because she wants something really complicated and to Quote the Harlot-"I know exactly what it is that I want, how it looks, how much yarn it takes, what needle it's knit on, and I end up not so much searching for a great pattern, as trying to locate the pattern I can see in my head."

Now I know that you are all saying that it doesn't look complicated at all, but that is only the back, the front is just barely started.

The next sister is makingEvangeline.

And the third is working on Chevette from Knitty.

The fourth is not currently knitting, but plans a purse in the near future when we can get back to Green Branch. She has made to date-one vest and a pair of Fetching for her self and a vest and matching pants for her sisters baby boy.

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