Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mom, I still eat 'em this way!

Asalam Alaikum,
Sometimes the smallest things when you are young can have a very big, and sometimes strange effect on you later. When I was young, my mother would pack lunches for me to take to school, every time she packed an orange it looked some thing like this---

To this day I eat oranges like this. I am pretty sure that she did it so that I could peel them easier when I was little. Every single time I have an orange, I first carve a little face, then peel the whole thing. I love my mom!

See what I mean, something so small in my childhood, and it is such a happy memory for me.


My FIL's basic vest is still in the boring stockinette stage, so here is a pick of a pair of booties I made a couple of months back after seeing the pair that Charmaine had knitted up.

I saw the pattern, and it looked very interesting. I just used some leftover sock yarn to test it out so they don't exactly match (because I ran out of yarn) but I think that this will be a pattern that I will use again. The pattern is Magic Slippers

Also we went to Al Ain again, so more pics soon!


Sydney said...

I love childhood memories like that! Mommys are so great. :) I also love the booties... I may have to keep this pattern for my next midget! :)

imloulou said...

I love your orange! i am going to do this for my daughter's lunch after the holiday break...(she loves oranges)

You have a lovely family!