Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oman and all that Jazz

Asalam Alaikum,

And so for the fourth time I have been to Oman...and this is the first you hear of it. There are good reasons why, first, we have never had both the camera and the batteries in the same place at the same time. This is a large obstacle to photography, cameras are important, batteries are important also. Second, every time we go it is usually a quick dash to the border and back after my brother in law gets out of work..at night... not very blog worthy really.

This time we went during the DAY!!
Here is me the DS and the DH Near the Omani border stop-

And here is the DS, he found some Rocks!!! Yay for rocks!
(after kindly allowing me to take this pic, he promptly threw the rock at me)

After our border dash we drove around Buraimi for a while, then we went back to Al Ainand headed toJabal Hafeet for some climbing!

I like this one, you can see the road that goes up the mountain in the distance.

And here is the DH posing on a rock-

It was pretty fun, and it was not as hot as it normally is which was awesome.

Knitting update---

this is the Moebius confetti shawl which has recently been finished, updates to come.

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Sydney said...

We'll be making our own border run this weekend. Ugh. And... can we not smile in pics??? Glad you posted some of your trip though! :)