Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Asalam Alaikum,

Last night we went to a big Etisalat party at the Hilton here in Abu Dhabi. I wont say we had fun but it wasn't really bad either.

You know when you go to a big party and the host gets up and say "Are you ready to have fun?!" and the crowd shouts back? Apparently nobody here does that kind of thing...our host tried a couple of times and on the last try the dj actually played the noise of crickets chirping.

They did have some interesting entertainment, including an Arabic dancer who twirled around and around, a singer who was wearing way too little clothing for a party that had children, and a belly dancer, who ironically was wearing more clothes than the singer.

Our little family.

the twirling Arabic dancer.

this is the belly dancer...
I have posted before about the men in this country and the staring problem... notice the crowd of bachelors with cameras in front of the stage, they stayed there for the belly dancer and the singer.

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