Sunday, February 17, 2008

Home At Last! (sort of)

So we made it to Boston to my folks house, boy was it a rough ride over from Detroit! Snow, snow, snow! At some points, there was so much snow that we could barely see the road. It was really bad, at another point we were driving through this nearly impenetrable snow, and we passed an 18 wheeler, I look over and what is this guy doing?..guess...i dare ya...watching a dvd on his laptop while driving...this is part of what causes accidents. I hate stupid.

Mom has promised to take me to her LYS, maybe tomorrow. She said there is also a knitting group that meets on mondays that we can go to,so that should be fun.

In other knitting news, I have done a little work on the DHs V neck vest, but not that much. and I completed an second tiny keychain sweater in green for my DM. She liked the Fake Isle hat and the Fetching that I made for her. I know that they will be appreciated, and worn because she is a knitter/crocheter and she understands the time and effort involved in their creation. My DM has also filled out my needle collection, as she is trying to get rid of doubles in hers, and has given me a little stash of my very own! It is really great to have somebody who understands the my knitting, some one to talk to about my progress whose eyes won't cross.

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Asalam Alaikum

Monday, February 4, 2008

Knitting Update and A Sad story

So I decided to knit up "Fetching" for my Mom, to match the "Fake Isle" hat already finished.

progress report---

I also started this dragon hat for my DH's nephew but i think i may frog it and do a different one in crochet, this one is not thick enough.

This part is a little sad and requires some backround-
my DH is from Pakistan, he used to live in Detroit with his cousin and his cousins wife, one time his mother came to visit and while there crocheted this-

A roughly 2'x1' rectangle of double crochet, Whatever it was intended to be, it was left unfinished with the DH's cousin when she returned to Pakistan. Fast forward 3 years, my DH moved to Florida, met and married me, we found out we were pregnant, tell his family, and a couple of months before the baby is born his mother passed away. we just left florida and are staying with the cousin and they find it, and the DH has now asked me to crochet around the edges to make it large enough for a baby blanket for our son. I am happy to do this so my little one can snuggle up with it while his daddy tells him about the grandmother he never got to meet. From my DH I have learned what a remarkable woman she was and regret very much never having had the chance to meet her.

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Asalam Alaikum