Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A little bit of stockinette any one?

Asalam Alaikum,

Here is an update pic of the FIL's vest-

I am trying not to take too many pics. Because of the plain stockinette it doesn't seem to be moving very quickly, and i don't want to bore anybody.

This is what is distracting me-

It is Fetching, I got a little bit of pattern envy when Lindsaywas working on this one. The first one worked up in a couple of hours, but I am trying to get the never-ending vest done, so the second is going a bit slowly.

This is just for cuteness-

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stuff you don't see back home

Asalam Alaikum,
This pic is just for fun, after the last meeting of The U-knitted Amiras the DH and I went to Spinneys and saw this-


Saturday, December 20, 2008

42 and where is your towel?

Asalam Alaikum

Here it is -the restaurant at the end of the universe--

Here is a pic of us chillin' (really, it was almost as cold as Boston in the winter, but without the wind chill and the snow)

As the sharp among you may notice, that is a baby hooded towel on the DS. We all know who will be all set when the Vogons show up.

Here we are at about half way up the mountain, the DH is wearing the vest I knit for him while still in America.

And also here is the obligatory KIP photo- the DS was not thrilled.

Mom, I still eat 'em this way!

Asalam Alaikum,
Sometimes the smallest things when you are young can have a very big, and sometimes strange effect on you later. When I was young, my mother would pack lunches for me to take to school, every time she packed an orange it looked some thing like this---

To this day I eat oranges like this. I am pretty sure that she did it so that I could peel them easier when I was little. Every single time I have an orange, I first carve a little face, then peel the whole thing. I love my mom!

See what I mean, something so small in my childhood, and it is such a happy memory for me.


My FIL's basic vest is still in the boring stockinette stage, so here is a pick of a pair of booties I made a couple of months back after seeing the pair that Charmaine had knitted up.

I saw the pattern, and it looked very interesting. I just used some leftover sock yarn to test it out so they don't exactly match (because I ran out of yarn) but I think that this will be a pattern that I will use again. The pattern is Magic Slippers

Also we went to Al Ain again, so more pics soon!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

BSJ just never gets old

Asalam Alaikum,
You know this pattern is sooooo addictive, here is a picture of the third one that I have made.

In the first jacket, I followed the original pattern(except for the shoulder seam- instead of seaming, I did a 3 needle applied I-cord bind off). In the second jacket I did the same but added the continuous line variation. For this third jacket I didn't do the I-cord bind off but did seam as instructed, and used the continuous line AND collar variations, I LOVE it! I think that this is the best so far(note the implication of more to come)

The reason this pattern is so addictive is that it is amazing to knit this funny looking blob, and with two folds---poof----jacket.

Also in knitting news i have started a plain vest for my FIL-

Yay for being picky!

Asalam Alaikum
So I am a little picky. While doing a KAL I can't just follow the perfectly nice pattern, I must change it.

This is the front, see matching buttons?

Here is the back, those also in the KAL might notice that after the moss stitch section I mirrored the previous sections so that the front and back match each other.

and here is the lining, complete with small pocket. I like this purse a lot, and took it for its first official use to the mall for last Fridays meeting of U-Knitted Amiras.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Eid Mubarak!

Asalam Alaikum,

Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of my reversion to Islam, and also of my Nikah(Islamic marriage). It was the first time that I have actually seen the goat involved in the Sacrifice, and the experience was not anything like I had been expecting.

In America many people have never seen the cow that their steak came from, nor seen how it got to their plate. Food is a very sterile and distant thing, it comes from the grocery store on a little white saran wrapped tray. On Eid I saw the living goat, I touched him, and I saw how he got to my plate. I thought that I would be grossed out or something, but I was not. It did give me more respect and appreciation for my food, and I think that because of that my food tastes better.

As a side note, I think that if every person had this experience maybe we would all be a little healthier. I mean think about it, 100 years ago the way we got food in America was different, and portion size was smaller as well. Anybody else think there might be a connection?

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dear Etisalat, I am sorry

Asalam Alaikum,

So because in my last post I decided to poke fun of Etisalat, I was without Internet, and also so was 30% of Abu Dhabi for a couple of days. To those who were inconvenienced by this outage, my bad, I'm sorry and in future I will not say anything against the vast conspiracy/plot that is the lovely company Etisalat.

Enough of my crazy ramblings-knitting!
this is my almost completed KAL pochette, more updates to come shortly-

These are pics from our second visit to Baniyas Gardens, notice me knitting.

This is just for fun-

Ten Points to anyone who knows!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Asalam Alaikum,

Last night we went to a big Etisalat party at the Hilton here in Abu Dhabi. I wont say we had fun but it wasn't really bad either.

You know when you go to a big party and the host gets up and say "Are you ready to have fun?!" and the crowd shouts back? Apparently nobody here does that kind of thing...our host tried a couple of times and on the last try the dj actually played the noise of crickets chirping.

They did have some interesting entertainment, including an Arabic dancer who twirled around and around, a singer who was wearing way too little clothing for a party that had children, and a belly dancer, who ironically was wearing more clothes than the singer.

Our little family.

the twirling Arabic dancer.

this is the belly dancer...
I have posted before about the men in this country and the staring problem... notice the crowd of bachelors with cameras in front of the stage, they stayed there for the belly dancer and the singer.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Easily Amused, And We ARE the KING!

Asalam Alaikum,

I am rather easily amused, as evidenced by the following---
This is a sand storm, it was like when you're little and the second you see one flake of snow and everybody runs to the window to see. Our whole family ran outside to see the sand storm, I don't recommend that you follow our example, as the sand will get in your eyes.

This is the DS with his new favorite toy---Leaves. Thats right people what they say is true; your kids don't like the really expensive toy you just bought, they are more excited by the box...or the leaves on the ground, or an empty water bottle.

And finally-

They were so excited to go to BK but pics for the blog?...not so much. I have not had a real burger in a restaurant for a long time, in the US we couldn't cause the meat is not Halal and we always had to get the fish. It was so tasty, and I could just feel myself gaining a pound or two!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Uh huh, Sheep that glow in the Dark!

Asalam Alaikum,

I am the biggest dork I know! Glow in the dark sheep! I know you are all sooooo thrilled by this.

So on to real life---

Some progress has been made on the KAL...I took it to the park with me when we went yesterday. We went to the Baniyas Public was pretty nice, very clean and well maintained. Entrance fees were dhs 1 each(adults, they didn't count the munchkin brigade), and the carnival rides dhs 3 each. I sat on the swing and knitted on week 6 of the KAL, as it is now possible(read-not over 100 degrees f) to knit outside!(but only at night)

We shall end todays post with the cutest baby ever, helping mommy in the kitchen today!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

knitting update! woohoo!!

Asalam Alaikum,

Ok so I have been on the fence about the kal on the UAE board on Rav, but today decided that I wanted to jump in. I picked up a skein of something-or-other from one of the tailoring materials shops, in a slightly variegated green that I thought would be nice.
So here is what I got finished during the DS's nap-

And here is the finished pics of the Mobius Confetti Shawl. I am pretty happy with the way it turned out, and it was a quick knit, easy on the hands...garter stitch till your eyes roll up into your head.

Because I am a little on the lazy side you now get this pic of a long finished hat that I finally got around to taking-

This is Odessa I liked it but the beads were a bit of a pain.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Oman and all that Jazz

Asalam Alaikum,

And so for the fourth time I have been to Oman...and this is the first you hear of it. There are good reasons why, first, we have never had both the camera and the batteries in the same place at the same time. This is a large obstacle to photography, cameras are important, batteries are important also. Second, every time we go it is usually a quick dash to the border and back after my brother in law gets out of night... not very blog worthy really.

This time we went during the DAY!!
Here is me the DS and the DH Near the Omani border stop-

And here is the DS, he found some Rocks!!! Yay for rocks!
(after kindly allowing me to take this pic, he promptly threw the rock at me)

After our border dash we drove around Buraimi for a while, then we went back to Al Ainand headed toJabal Hafeet for some climbing!

I like this one, you can see the road that goes up the mountain in the distance.

And here is the DH posing on a rock-

It was pretty fun, and it was not as hot as it normally is which was awesome.

Knitting update---

this is the Moebius confetti shawl which has recently been finished, updates to come.

Friday, October 31, 2008

The Difference a Year makes...

Asalam Alaikum,

Have you ever wondered the difference a year makes?...if you've got a little one it can hit you hard.

And this is the Difference a Year makes--

This has been the most crazy/wonderful/awesome year of my life, Happy Birthday Little Man!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I love socks...mostly

Asalam Alaikum,
I made my first ever pair of socks awhile back, they turned out ok, and didn't take too long to make.(pics in the far future as said pair of socks are currently in Pakistan for reasons not currently known) So after that I decided to cast on for the DH's pair...with size 1's and sock yarn that feels more like sewing thread. My DH wears a size 13(in the US) shoe. I think that this might just be what puts me over the edge. I knit and knit and knit and they don't seem to get any longer, so they are currently hibernating. But you get a pic anyway.

Before you ask, yes I did stab my knitting with the needle.

And also here is an Update on what I think I might call "The Confetti Shawl"

Monday, October 27, 2008

Updates of knitting and a little cutie

Asalam Alaikum,

So SOMEONE thinks that I should blog more often, and I totally agree so here we go!

First up, I just cast on this colorful little blur, it is going to be for me, I know I know its a red letter day! This is my own little spin of EZ's Moebius scarf, except that I want it to be sort of a shawl kind of thing so I am trying to make it a little on the big side, so it will sit on my shoulders.

Now this is photographic evidence of my slightly obsessive nature,two an a half BSJs...The brown and grey is for my DS, the pink/purple is for my SIL's Daughter, and the green is for her new son. Two and a half and no end in site, this pattern is a bit on the addictive side!

Here is the DS modeling for you, that'll show me to try and take his picture right after nap time.

Further proof of my insanity...

I, for reasons still unknown even to myself, bought this Barbie, and spent 4 hours, (4 hours people!) making this little outfit for her. Just so that you know, it was made with the leftovers from my suit, so not only do I sew doll clothes, I sew them to match me.

AAAHHHHH!!!!!! A ghost!!

Hey you paparazzi get outta my face!

And finally this is a tease for you, you know who you are!