Thursday, October 25, 2007

In which you meet me

My first post! be prepared for too much information and lots of run on sentences as I introduce myself.

I am A'ishah(side note, it is a Muslim name, becuase I am a Muslim) . Phoenetically speaking it is something like this- "aye-ee-shaa". Or so I like to think. I have thoughts leaping from my head and need a place to put them.

As an example, at night i dream of sock knitting, i see the socks, and watch myself working on them...stitch by is a little strange, but then so am I. I see quilt patterns while cooking...i see baby booties and hats and blankets....(not to mention the soon-to-be son to fill all those booties)...i see sweaters for my husband and big fuzzy slippers to force him into wearing when it is 90 degrees because i just finished them and who cares if its the middle of august in florida?

I have many WIPs, i just can't seem to do more than a couple of hours on any single thing, and so end up with 20 "almost done" things. At least I never have nothing to do, and never get bored on a rainy day. Such as today.

Mostly my blog is going to be the place where I discuss my random(mostly crafty) obsessions. And my husband who puts up with these obsessions and the resultant chaos of various projects scattered here and there(not even mentioning the bits of thread, cloth and needles that decorate the floor, the kitchen table, the counter, the chairs, and any other flat surface). And my soon-to-be son, the person who has the majority of finished projects even though he is not here yet.

Final wrap up...
I am A'ishah.
I knit, crochet, quilt, read(a lot), tat, and will try just about any crafty thing at least once.
I follow my mothers crafty ways, we are so alike in many ways, we might just scare you.
I am married to a very very loving, understanding, supportive, caring, not to mention absolutely gorgeous husband.
And lastly and very importantly-
I am very pregnant with the soon-to-be son.

And that is Me.
Until next post,
Asalam Alaikum

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Made it the whole way through years of posts in your wonderful, crafty and motherly world!