Thursday, October 25, 2007

In Which You Learn Of My Roots

I love my parents, they are really great, two of the most wildly different people you will ever meet, but whatever works for you right?

My mother, what can I say, she i think is the one i take after most, we look alike, think alike, sound alike(i've been told), and have more interests in common than you can shake a stick at(as mom would say "why you would want to shake a stick at them i dont know" i completely agree with her on this one). She is a great mom, when we were little, in the days before they really put kids books on tape she would record herself reading them for us, so we could follow along in our favorite books, i have so many memories like this that just make me cry sometimes. she gave us all(me +2 brothers) so much love and encouragement, and still does that it amazes me. i am only now just beginning to understand now that i am going to have the soon-to-be son. dad is one of the most intelligent people that you will ever meet, and also one of the most hard working people i know. he is a stationary engineer, in fact he is the Chief Engineer of One Beacon Street in Boston, it is one of the tallest buildings in the city with 37 floors. this is my dad's dream job, he worked there a long time ago and has returned and he loves it. During my childhood my dad was not always able to give us too much of his time as he worked very hard to support our family, sometimes working 12+hour shifts at his job, but we all know that he loves us very much and that he was working so hard for us. i think that the way that i am most like my dad is his sense of humor(it is very quirky, and not many people get us).

both of my parents have blogs, that i have linked to if anyone is interested,they can sometimes be a little sporadic (as a side note, my father does have a strange sense of humor-which you should really keep in mind if you read his blog).

I also have two younger brothers, Shaun, who is only 21 months younger than me, and Joseph, who is 9 years younger than me. i love both of my brothers, but we are all very different, i am the crafty quiet one, Shaun is the tough one, he is so tough he decided on one of the toughest and most dangerous careers, he is a Marine. the sad thing about Shaun is that (for some reason we have yet to find out) he has estranged himself for all of us, it really hurts my parents, who always worry, they dont know where he is if he is ok, if he has a family, or if he is wounded.
We all love him very much.

And Joseph, joe joe joe.....he is a bundle of energy, constantly moving and doing something, he is a huge video game freak(aren't we all just a little bit?), and he has the biggest heart of anyone....anywhere, he loves everyone, no matter what, he is just able to get along with everyone, all the time...most of his hobbies don't fall into the same category that mine would, he just cant sit still... i don't think that he will take up knitting anytime soon as it is not exactly something you can do while moving at 90mph, but we will see, stranger things have happened.

and that is my immediate family, it is just when i read it all , we are all so different

i promise to post something about my craftiness, very very soon...
until the next post-
Asalam Alaikum

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