Sunday, May 20, 2018

Flats and hand washing challenge Day 4: Wash routine!

Asalamu alaikum,

During the challenge, we will not be using our washer or dryer, and instead mush hand wash all flats, covers, wipes, etc. I did some research on previous years challenges, and how others hand wash and there seems to be two main routes-hand scrubbing in a sink/with a washboard, and the camp style bucket and plunger.

I did make up a double bucket washer, and it does not take too much money or time. you do have to have access to a drill though, the outer bucket I left as is, and the inner bucket has 4 holes drilled at the bottom, and another ten evenly spaced around the lover part of the bucket. The lid had a larger (1") hole in the top to  make a place for the plunger

I tried the bucket method for a couple days and it was not too bad. If I let the diapers pile up a bit, this is definitely fast, and I can do other stuff while I let the diaper soak between plunging sessions.

The other way if I don't have too many dirties is to scrub in the sink/washboard. This is an easy method if you don't have piles and piles of laundry!

With both methods I try beforehand to spray off any loose poop, then we go in for  a quick pre wash followed by a soak, then a main wash. Finally a rinse(two if it still feels a bit soapy/there are suds). I generally hang dry my covers and did the flats as well for a while when the dryer was broke for two or three weeks, so the hanging is nothing new. I do love the sunning now that it is nice enough to hang them outside!

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